Learning Japanese

15 11 2007


JCS Exams has finished…

Dictation has one mistakes.. i think..

Listening test is not very easy though.. but I think passing for this part shouldn’t be a problem…

Wonder what marks will I get out of 250..?

Hmm.. Hopefully can get 225 and above! Taataa.. v(^_^)v

My guess break-down

  • Listening 40/50
  • Dictation 48/50
  • Vocab and comprehension 98/100
  • Oral 40/50

Looking forward to the results on 10th Dec 2008!! Hopefully everyone scored well!! =D

For those who wanna start learning Japanese, it is never too late.. U can look into JCS website for more details.. JCS does provide one of the cheapest Jap lessons, it is only the queue that will kill u! So check the website for the registration start date, and make sure ur there by that time or earlier.. coz every year i heard there will be very very very very very very long queue for the elementary (beginner) course. Well I did witness and experience the very very very very very very long queue that time..

The queue line starts from the JCS 5th level, and down the staircases (Yes staircases from level 5 to level 1), then to outside, then wrapping the Midland house and entire building, even wrapped around “This Fashion” to the back of the building….where there are many rickshaws resting there…

I turned up abt 1/2-1hr late… and alas… the queue already forming and I was at the back of the building.. yes.. where the rickshaws are. And my given number was then 640 and 641 with Jo.  We were quite scared then that there was no more class for us.. In the end, we didn’t got our first choice, but we settled for the sunday 4.20-6.30pm class.

And we didn’t regret it.. Our sensei is pretty and nice, enjoyed her lessons.. And there was no turning back… Knew quite a no. of classmates too..Some are quite kawai as well.. =] Though most are younger than me, I noticed there are older folks as well.. I think in some class also got some aunties older ladies.. So learning is not for the young only!! =D



3 responses

23 07 2008


Can i ask.. for the final exam at jcs… the oral conversation is it with our class sensei or may be other senseis? I think i will be more nervous speaking to my own sensei as she always disturb me in class.. very paisey.. haa.. =)

24 07 2008

Hi Sally… it depends… can be either … but most prob it is other sensei.. =)
All the best! =)

28 07 2008

Sally, so ur in intermediate or elementary course now??
Normal or intensive course??
Previously you stated that u will be taking ur first exam in April, how is it???

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