GZ HK JP Penang

16 11 2007

Lots of ‘kang tao’ to go to..

Guang Zhou





So many ‘kang tao’.. so little leave left…


I was even contemplating to book a flight on sat afternoon to GuangZhou (morning flight is full) and coming back on 19/11 (Mon) at 1pm flight (night flight is full).. But then, I paused and really think… I think I should just pass it.. Too rush…

Sorry LinD, cannot visit you in Guang Zhou…

Anyway…I think in the end.. i dun think I can go anywhere from now till end of the Jan…  due of crucial work schedule…


I cann’t even accompany my parent to jakarta and Surabaya end of the year … *booo*

Oh well… =(

Anyway must remember to extend my krisflyer mileage.. expiring from Jan 08 onwards..

Think maybe I shall go Japan or Australia nxt year.. (major trip), plus minor trip to HK or/and BKK..

Anyone wanna go Hokkaido next year? See sakura, go hot spring.. enjoy the nature and scenary.. Since shopping at Japan is too ex for me.. =p

Looking forward… *singing* =D




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