Weekend activities

19 11 2007

Though didn’t manage to go to Guang Zhou.. it is still a very ‘happening’ weekend for me.. =)

Meet the girls for dinner at Ichiban Boshi at Suntec on Friday, followed by a mahjong session at my room.. Though I didn’t get to play… coz too many pple… haha =p

Dunno why 3 of them turned up wearign green tops… Is green the latest fashion colour? Or everyone is going green – save the environment now?? hehe =p

Jenn and Ann have new hairdoo too… haha =)

girls havin dessert

Ann me

I missed Mahjong.. didn’t really get to play that night.. only 1x before I get replaced.. ={

Eug was the biggest loser that night.. haha

mahjong time

And I also managed to go to JB with 2 ‘Jo’s and Nick on Sat…  *Yeah Yeah*

Bought some cuttlefish, comic books and ate… ‘xia por’ and Gong Gong… hahaa *I likeeee….*

Yummy Xia por

yummy xia por

Yummy Gong Gong

yummy gonggong

Sunday… I basically slept throughout the whole day… and at nite, managed to help Jo to create her facebook account… Haha..

*Yeah*   v(^_^)v



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