Beginning of 3rd Semester

22 11 2007

New semester again..

This semester I have decided not to be so piaaa.. and take normal 2 modules, since of huge involvement in work from mid Dec to mid Feb.

So I am just taking Mass Media Research this semester.

My first lesson yesterday..

Not bad.. kind of like the lecturer and the scope..

This module is only offered like once in every 3 semesters – that explains the big group of class – almost 70 students! GOSH!!

We will be also be divided into groups of 4 pple to do presentation and group report.

Found my team members and hopefully we all can work well! =)

Oh.. bro and sis-in-law coming to Sg this Friday .. Hoohhooo… luckily my time can accommodate well this time.. so I can accompany them on Fri and Sat, and bring them around Sg =)

Looking forward =D




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