Happy New Year 2008!

31 12 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!!!!!!!

I pray that there will be more happy people, more happy occassions, more environmental-friendly actions, peace and harmonious among countries and people and more Christians being saved in the coming year – Year 2008.

happy new year

Hereby wishing each and everyone of you … a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!

May the coming year be blessed with lots of happiness, good health, peace, satisfaction, friends, loved ones, laughter, joy, money, ideas, shopping, glitteringz, fun, love… and many more!!

May all our wishes will come true!! v(^_^)v


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Mum birthday prezzie

31 12 2007

Since the girls has gotten their Christmas presents from Jo and I, then no more secret anymore… This is what we all have now! YEAH!!!

 —- The ‘Hello Kitty’ photoframe in the design of a musical ferris wheel —

ferry wheels

And FINALLY I can share what I prepared and gave to my mum for her birthday. Was keeping it as a secret from Oct till now coz wanted to give the girls a surprise as it was this same musical ferry wheels that I gave my mum… but of course, with my magic touch at it…. it is called ‘family love’ … Awww… =p =D

Tata…. presenting to you…. “My Family Ferry Wheel” *proud*

Family Ferry Wheel

Not a very artistic and creative me… can create this… Am already v proud of myself! *beam* =p =D And most importantly, my mum loves it! v(^_^)v

Oh my bro asked.. “cie, what if I got kids, so how to fit into the Family Ferry Wheel?” Fret not.. Have thought of it already. If lets say, in future if Andry and I have spouses.. we can move Mama & papa to the centre foto. Then 4 children and 4 children-in-laws…. haha And if anyone of us have kids… for example if my bro has kids.. then place my bro and my sis-in-law as one photo and the kid(s) as the other fotos.. and so on… See … I have thought all of it already! Cheesee!! haha

Vivo & JewelBox

30 12 2007

Ying is back in town.. so meet up at Vivocity to meet up with her and her frien, Jessica (same name as my sis-in-law!), together with Senorita, Jo and juskawaime!! =) Jess & Ying seemed very happy to be in Vivo for shopping as well!!!

Shopping Queen of the day happily showing her victorious conquer!

shopping queen

That is not surprising as there were sales all over the malls!! 20% off, 40% off, 50% discount, up to 70% discount… Malls are crowded with people.. buying stuffs like everything no need $$$ as well!! haha -____-“” Even Senorita and juskawaime could not resist and bought some stuffs.. The only goodie girl is our dear Jo.. haha

See it is 50% off sign!! But I am more interested in the pinky ballooonnss hehe =p Bought a shining belt from here as well


We had dinner at Kim Gary HK Restaurant.. as usual the queue is horrendous.. But actually it moved pretty fast.. so soon we got ourselves a table and started ordering.. I ordered the seafood wok.. hmm… so so only though (a bit regret ordering it later) … too much rice.. I will still prefer their french toast! The best!! Yummy!! =D

Happy us with our food! Tuck in…… =D

Jess Ying juskawaime

Later on.. we got onto Mount Faber and into The Jewel Box! Cool place just coz I haven’t been there before!! haha Yes.. I am the mountain tortoise… Heard so much of this Jewel Box… finally managed to step into it yesterday! haha

Jewel Box

Patronized their open bar – The Altivo. Pricey drinks they have here.. Well, of course, considering the spectacular view u can get from here .. the cable car connecting the Mount faber and HarbourFront , the fake snow… etc

Sorry my ‘limited’ camera is limited! So the below views are supposedly to be much better in reality!! =p

MountFaber fake snow cable car

Thanx to new friend – Ly for his treat on our drinks! Cheers to our Health, career, freedom, friendship and happiness!! =D

chilling time

My Elf Dance

30 12 2007

This Elf dance started from a gf from HK sending her personalized dance…

Thought it was pretty interesting,  so created one personalized elf dance of myself.. and this time it is not just one but 4 of me dancing!! haha =p

Click on picture below for my elf personalized dance =p


Sent the elf dance link to those in my contact list for Christmas and New Year greetings & wishes..

Got a funny and interesting email from my former JC form teacher, Mr. Khoo =)


Hi dear friends,

whether you celebrate Hari Raya Haji, Christmas or New Year, I will like to wish you lots of peace, love and happiness. May the coming year 2008 be a fruitful, joyful, blessed and smooth sailing journey for all. =)

For fun, joy & laughter, I have created a personalized dance for you! *wink* Enjoy!


Mr. Khoo:

Thanks for the wonderful show you and your buddies put up.
WIshing you all A very Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year! By the way,were they your ex-classmates in NYJC?


Mr. Khoo… the faces are all me!! Can’t u recognize…?? haha

Mr. Khoo:

HoHoHo  Sant Claus will certainly agree with me that u are indeed a wonder woman with many faces.Best wishes,

Khoo E l

Mark Lee – National Heritage Meseum guide

28 12 2007

Yeah weird combination… haha

But the “Chao Ah Beng” is doing very well in his role of the museum guide. Mark Lee, one of the Singapore’s friendliest Ah Beng comedians for years, is the new face of the Explore Singapore!, which has fun events aimed at drawing more people into museums and libraries.

All his 160 slots for the free tour of the National Museum is HOT!! All were booked a month in advance. Seems like this year 2007 is a good year for him.. He has just won the Best Host Award and Top 10 Popular Male Artists in recent Star Award ceremony 2007.

Read more of his news in his teacher aka JackNeo‘s blog.

Here is also the videotalk between MarkLee and JackNeo

Fann Wong – 超级红星奖

28 12 2007

FannWong 范文芳-2005 The All Time Favourite Artist Award 超级红星奖

It is really an honour to have our Singapore President SR Nathan personally presenting this Award to Fann Wong!!

Just Follow Law

28 12 2007

Recalling moments in “Just Follow Law

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