Year-End-Party 06

17 12 2007

Last year, managed to rent only a pink wig… This year, decide to invest more.. haha glad so, coz we won! Since last post was talkin on the costume of this year’s Year-end party, thought to bring up my costume of last year. Though didn’t managed to win the Best Dressed Costume Award (felt disapppointed and sad then), I have enjoyed myself trully..

Fun! Sensational!! Limelight!!! Yeah that was me!! =p =D

Pinkish me (without wigs and with wigs)


Very honoured that a personalized video of me was specially created for me by my dear colleague, Swee Chuan =) Always brought smile and laughter and blush to my face everytime I viewed it! haha =p

Our Male and Female contestants then..



2 responses

4 02 2008

love your pink wig!!!

27 09 2008

Just passing by. U look hot in all your costumes!

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