Christmas Activities

26 12 2007

Merryyyy CHrisstttmassss…

Work has been busy…. Didn’t really have mood to celebrate Christmas..  Anyway I didn’t normally celebrate Christmas.. 

Only a gathering at friend’s place..  during Christmas Eve.. wanted to just stay for a while.. in the end, stayed till morning 6.30am GOSH!! and then need to sleep and then wake up for the 4pm movie show!

The gang gathering

the gang

And on Christmas Day itself, catched a movie at GV Gold Class, at Vivo City, with courtesy of my company =) Not bad the seats… but to pay $25 for the ticket… hmm… I will re-consider…

Wearing new top, new jeans and new image for the day .. and watching at Gold Class (ALL first time experiences!! ) – thus need to take foto! haha =p

gv gold

And of course, the movie is definitely good!! “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” very worth ur money and time.. Go and watch it!!

Really like Nicholas Cage.. Not a very handsome guy, but a very charming guy. And in the movie, he is portrayed as someone intelligent..  I like that kind of combination of guy – charming and intelligent… if plus witty, humurous and loving (towards me) – best!  haha .. ok… i can day-dream right?? =p




One response

26 12 2007

OMG!!!!!!! U finally got a pair of BLUE JEANS!!!!! I must buy lottery!!!!! Hahahaha! *winks*

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