Si Chuan Tou Hua

28 12 2007

After Christmas on 26th Dec, a colleague YF sponstaneously asked if we wanted to go Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant (at 60th flr in UOB building at Raffles MRT).. so off we went with 3 cars and 13 colleagues.

Nice view u have over there… after all, 60th floor.. and u still even have to take 2 lifts to reach there!! haha and also bypassing the security gate.. YF  booked a reservation for us, and we have a exclusive room for ourselves.. Great!!

From here, u can see the Sg Flyer, Esplanade, the floating stadium, Padang…etc (foto taken from my hp – nokia 6300)

Food here are very spicy.. and very delicious…  We had duck, chicken, pork, dou miao vege, fish (eel), toufu… 6 dishes.. Oh u got to try their dessert tou hua as well… very smooth.. they have like ‘kou qi zi’ tou hua, water chestnut touhua, sweet touhua, salty touhua and even 酸辣 ‘suan la’ touhua (try it at ur own risk!! haha =p )

Oh well.. I thought I can bear the spicy food.. coz I was finishing the chicken meat that is filled with chillies.. it was one of the spiciest dishes.. so I thought I will do everyone a favour by eating it (since some of them can’t really take the hotness…) But in the end, I am the one who cannot take it!! -___-”

Started going toilet from 8pm that night… till wee hrs at 4am…  Oh…. -____-” It is definitely not fun!!

Anyway despite yummy and spicy food.. the cost does not come cheap! Car park fees are ex $8-$10 (for abt 1-2hrs), not to forget there is ERP charges as well, food isn’t cheap either $580 for 6 dishes for 13 of us.. Luckily there is 15% discount for UOB card holder.. but then it still amt to abt $40 per person… That is definitely not cheap.. But since it is Christmas’ time..  this luxury does not occurs often… we can still afford to enjoy nice and fine dining sometimes.. don’t we? =)




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