My Elf Dance

30 12 2007

This Elf dance started from a gf from HK sending her personalized dance…

Thought it was pretty interesting,  so created one personalized elf dance of myself.. and this time it is not just one but 4 of me dancing!! haha =p

Click on picture below for my elf personalized dance =p


Sent the elf dance link to those in my contact list for Christmas and New Year greetings & wishes..

Got a funny and interesting email from my former JC form teacher, Mr. Khoo =)


Hi dear friends,

whether you celebrate Hari Raya Haji, Christmas or New Year, I will like to wish you lots of peace, love and happiness. May the coming year 2008 be a fruitful, joyful, blessed and smooth sailing journey for all. =)

For fun, joy & laughter, I have created a personalized dance for you! *wink* Enjoy! 

Mr. Khoo:

Thanks for the wonderful show you and your buddies put up.
WIshing you all A very Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year! By the way,were they your ex-classmates in NYJC?


Mr. Khoo… the faces are all me!! Can’t u recognize…?? haha

Mr. Khoo:

HoHoHo  Sant Claus will certainly agree with me that u are indeed a wonder woman with many faces.Best wishes,

Khoo E l



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