Mum birthday prezzie

31 12 2007

Since the girls has gotten their Christmas presents from Jo and I, then no more secret anymore… This is what we all have now! YEAH!!!

 —- The ‘Hello Kitty’ photoframe in the design of a musical ferris wheel —

ferry wheels

And FINALLY I can share what I prepared and gave to my mum for her birthday. Was keeping it as a secret from Oct till now coz wanted to give the girls a surprise as it was this same musical ferry wheels that I gave my mum… but of course, with my magic touch at it…. it is called ‘family love’ … Awww… =p =D

Tata…. presenting to you…. “My Family Ferry Wheel” *proud*

Family Ferry Wheel

Not a very artistic and creative me… can create this… Am already v proud of myself! *beam* =p =D And most importantly, my mum loves it! v(^_^)v

Oh my bro asked.. “cie, what if I got kids, so how to fit into the Family Ferry Wheel?” Fret not.. Have thought of it already. If lets say, in future if Andry and I have spouses.. we can move Mama & papa to the centre foto. Then 4 children and 4 children-in-laws…. haha And if anyone of us have kids… for example if my bro has kids.. then place my bro and my sis-in-law as one photo and the kid(s) as the other fotos.. and so on… See … I have thought all of it already! Cheesee!! haha



3 responses

2 04 2009

Hai, I was just searching for ferris wheel photo frame and i found your blog. I was wondering where do you get those ferris wheel photo frame. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks :))

2 04 2009

Hi Jovita, u can try to get them from pasar malam (night market) in sg.
I got them in a shop previously, but it no longer carry them.
But i do saw these ferris wheel photo frame in some pasar malam.
Happy searching..

10 04 2009

Thank you for your information. I will try and find them.
Thanks :))

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