Goodbye Mr. Suharto

27 01 2008

To me, Mr. Suharto is a good president..

Goodbye Mr. Suharto, do rest in peace.

Mr Suharto

(Foto extracted from Channel News Asia video)

JAKARTA : Former president Suharto died on Sunday, 27th January 2008, at about 13:10 (0610 GMT), aged 86, his family and police said at a Jakarta hospital.

Indonesia’s second and longest-ruling president Suharto has died.Indonesian police officials said the former president passed away at about 1.10pm (local time).He had been admitted to hospital on Friday 4th January, suffering from anaemia, a weakening heart and kidneys and swollen internal organs. Mr Suharto began to respond to a blood transfusion and dialysis treatment administered by his team of doctors at Pertamina Hospital in Jakarta.

However, by Tuesday 8 January, his condition deteriorated with signs of internal bleeding and fluid build-up in his lungs. His condition fluctuated until Friday 11 January, when the former president lost consciousness and suffered multiple organ failure. He was put on a ventilator to help his breathing.
By the third week of his hospitalisation, his condition was reported to be much improved and doctors were even saying that the former Indonesian leader was breathing on his own and could possibly go home.

However on Sunday 27 January, doctors said he suffered multiple organ failure again and went into a coma before slipping away.

Mr Suharto was 86 years old.


More at TodayOnline, CNA (Channel News Asia) , CNA – Suharto’s last years




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