CNY Activities

11 02 2008

Activities for CNY

CNY eve:

  1. Work till 5.30pm… to my atonishment, all supermarkets are closed already, and I have not bought my mandarin orange.. Normally xXF’s house have lots of stuffs liao, so normally I will bring a box of oranges.. Finally get one (last box) at the Cheers Store near their home, under the advice of the Cheers at Bedok Interchange. Only this branch sells mandarin orange, luckily it is near XF’s place!
  2. Reunion dinner at XiaoFeng’s house.. Her mum always invite me for dinner past years. So nice of her to include me.. =)
  3. Mahjong with her mum and her sis after dinner, while watching CNY tv programme.. which every year will show the fortune for all the 12 animal signs.. I won $$!! YuuuHHuuuu!! HUAATT ahhh!! =D
  4. Play Wii Game from 1am to 7am with XF – Wii Sports (Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Boxing), Wii Fit (Hulla-hop, Yoga, StepsUp, Skiing, jogging…etc etc).. Wii is WeeeEEee!! Fun lehh!!
  5. Collected 1 Ang Pao for the day

XiaoFeng and her mum and her sister

XF and her family

my orange My Reunion Dinner Mahjong

My Wii Age My fav Wii Sports - Tennis My Yummy McDonald Breakfast

My Wii Character Pinkish Wii Remote control

CNY 1st Day:

  1. Eat McDonald breakfast with XF after exercising whole night with Wii! Yummy breakkfast – my favourite! Chat till 9am then go home and sleep
  2. Wash all my clothings, take out pillows & bolster for sun-bathing, wash bedsheet and blanket. Change bedsheet.. Dunno why always find odd times to do all these things … imagine on CNY 1st day (when I have not sleep yet too!!) -____-“” But it definitely feel good and clean.. I meant my room!! haha =p
  3. Sleep at 12noon till late evening
  4. Wanted to visit 2 of my grandaunts, but decided to visit them on Sat instead, so I can sleep and rest more =p
  5. Went to guardian’s bro (Uncle Jeremy’s) house where everyone will gather. Usually will have dinner and gathering on 1st Day of CNY. It used to be at my guardian’s place untill they sold their house.
  6. Meet up with my guardian’s family.. aunties, uncles and cousins. I treat them like my own, coz have been growing up with them.. And the little cousins have all grown up.. We got lawyers, nurse, designer… etc Elaine is also married at age of 21! *gosh*
  7. And it is a custom for past 4 years to watch midnight show on 1st Day of CNY. It is Uncle Jeremy’s treat! This year first time I joined them.. And we watched AhLong Pte Ltd =) Crap show.. not one of the best Jack Neo’s movie, I guess.. But Ah Kuang said that it was one of the better CNY movies, compared to Chang Jiang 7 (CJ7) of Stephen Chow and the KungFu Slamdunk of Jay Chow.. So should be ok! haha And plus got my idol – Fann Wong. WeeEEee But I would say Mark Lee acting is very good in this movie! =)
  8. Collected 3 Ang Paos for the day

Pictures to be loaded soon

CNY 2nd Day:

  1. Called friends’ mums for CNY greeting
  2. Having lunch at Joanne’s house.. Yummy food!
  3. Jo’s nephew shows me he wants to breed Sea Monkey!! I am amazed!! =)
  4. Wanna visit deep-sixed’s and Alicia’s mums, but both were not free
  5. Have Mahjong game at Linda’s house from 4pm to 1am (Last minute arrangement)
  6. First round: Linda, Me, Joanne and Linda’s mum
  7. 2nd Round: Linda, Me, Esther and Linda’s mum
  8. I am the winner!! Win $$$!!! Yuuhuuu!! HUAATT Ahhh!! v(^_^)v
  9. Collected 3 Ang Paos for the day

Jo and Juskawaime wishing everyone Gong Xi Gong Xi!! =)

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Joanne’s Lunch meal Darrell and his Sea Monkey Linda’s black Mahjong tiles set from HK

CNY 3rd Day:

  1. Visit my grandaunt (Lau Jixing)’s house. She is my grandfather’s (mum’s side) 2nd brother’s wife. There is also Lau SaXing, who are my grandfather’s 3rd brother’s wife. Am happy that I was able to visit her, stay at her place and talk to her for almost 2hrs.. coz I do not really speak Teocheow.. so we are like duck and chicken… haha.. Normally will also visit Lau SaXing, but she is currently in China.
  2. At night, joined Joanne & Josephine for CNY steamboat and LauYuSheng gathering at Serene’s house.. My first Lau Yu Sheng for the year!
  3. I love Steamboat.. and there are sea cucumber, abalone, clams, fish, meat ball, mushroom, tanghoon, vege….etc My fav is sea cucumber, abalone and mushroom!! Yuummmyy *slurp*
  4. Play Wii Games too at their place.. haha fun!! =)
  5. Last minute arrangement to play mahjong at Joanne’s place.. but cancel it coz Josephine can only join at abt 2am.. very late lehh…
  6. Collected 2 Ang Paos for the day

Lau Ji Xing and me

Jixing and me

Steamboat and Lau Yu Sheng

Steamboat and Lau Yu Sheng

CNY 4th Day:

  1. Meet up my 2 cousins
  2. Having Steamboat Lunch at my cousin’s place… Yuummmyy… My 2nd Steamboat for CNY
  3. Shopping NTUC Fairprice Xtra at Ang Mo Kio Hub.. bought $70++ *Gosh*
  4. Then with Yvonne, we had simple dinner at my place.. pig’s ear, pig’s tongue, salmon fish soup and sushi.. food we bought in NTUC
  5. Update blog
  6. Collected 4 Ang Paos today.. give one Ang Pao to my nephew.. on behalf of my parents…

Yummy Steamboat Spread

Yummy Steamboat

My cousin and her family

Siuping, Alden, Tze Chean

The very serious nephew of mine seldom really smile or laugh.. so this is best and rare shot!

smiling Alden

More CNY activites to come… Some unconfirmed yet…

Wed – maybe going to Kuishin Bo with cousins & Jo for “REN RI” and buffet,

Fri – maybe CGC’s CNY dinner gathering and Lau Yu Sheng

Sat – Meeting up with JC girls and Lau Yu Sheng

Ok … so far… Overall, quite fruitful this CNY… Play Mahjong win $$!! haha… HUAT ahhh!! =)

Should have visit many other houses … but due to various reasons… some trips are postponed, or cancelled.. Oh well..

So far, for past 4 days, total 13 AngPaos — abt $226

Total enjoyment and happiness — priceless




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