OPI nail polish

18 02 2008

Does anyone knows where I can buy online cheap OPI nail polish…??

I am quite bad with this search stuffs…

Appreciate if someone can show me the direction..

What my search gets … the price is a bit ex….but I heard from a frien it should be really quite cheap actually…

I am loving Malaga Wine … just have that for my current manicure and pedicure.. They claimed it is the SQ girl’s colour … dark red.. the way I like it… =)

If can get for cheaper price, prob will go for a few more colours too..

There are all very nice colours… and their names….very creative!! haha

OPI ds swatch, OPI India Collection for Spring 2008, OPI Classics




3 responses

22 03 2008
Bear Bear


You can try to buy from this website. http://www.perfectit.com.sg OPI@$11.

9 04 2008

this website has the color that you want , and this week they have additional discount. http://ilovetospree.webs.com/promotionpage.htm

11 06 2008

You can visit http://www.pretty-nail.blogspot.com
They have great service and cheap price!!!

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