20 02 2008

After reading BryanWong’s farewell entry, I felt his words are so true..

“As i look back, its been quite a while since i attended a farewell dinner..To be exact, probably three years ago..when i bid farewell to a very dear friend mediaworks. Since then, i haven’t attended any sort of a farewell thingy,probably because the pain and saddness is just…too much to bear. however, this fateful day came again, when one of my dear colleague left her job and once again, farewell reared its ugly head.

so a bunch of us decided to give her a farewell dinner..perhaps a soft wrap to our years of being together.everyone seemed jolly..perhaps that was just a facade to mask the saddness inside. We appeared happy..photograph taking, tons of laughter,mountains of jokes,plentiful of bitchings…we appeared ..happy. As i took a lingering look at our group i wondered..why is it that it took a farewell dinner to bring us together?  what happened to all those time when time is abundant and there isn’t the ominous departure lurking in the air? That we could have done things ever so differently..perhaps sharing more, treasuring the company?

But, my dear friends, not all farewells are allowed sweet reunions..Some farewells..well..they are forever…..So perhaps, from this day,from this moment we learn the meaning of Carpe diem( seize the day)..we learn how to cherish what we have, whom we have and the tangible friendship/kinship that is in our lives, that we learn how to cherish each and every moment time allow us too because, just one day, just one fine day, it will cease to be ours..ever..again…”



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