HongBao Draw

21 02 2008

One of our annual activities at office…

Hong Bao Draw

There will be someone polling the money together and buy this annual Toto HongBao Draw where grand prize is S$10million dollars!!

Last year… seems we didn’t won anything.. hopefully this year luck is different.. and much better!! Colleague intended to buy the $328 lucky pack where the toto entries are printed and consolidated from all those ‘lucky’ 旺 outlets and place into this lucky pack. Perhaps we will have more chances then.. rather than just place all the bets in one branch. Oh well.. it seems it is out-of-stock!! So we still have to stick to our traditional way of buying.. But then… must not have the traditional results lehh!! We must strike Toto this year!! 中马票!!中马票!!中马票!!中马票!!中马票!!

We have consolidated $430 this year, one slot is $10, so total slots are 43.  So imagine.. even if there are 10 winners for the grandprize… for our winning lottery ticket, each of us (per slot) can get $20k!! WeeeEEeee…. And of course, we also hope if we are the only winners… that will give us each $200k per slot!!! YuuuHHUuuuuu…

Everyone HUAATTT AHH!! =D

Ahemm… I also bought a few individual quickpick & system7!! Lagi best if I win this toto grand draw with my ticket entries!!! Hoo HOoo HOooo…… HUUUAAAAATT ahh!!

God, pls answer my desire =) =p Wanna win some $$ for future plan… There are many things that I want to do and have….

Singapore pools, pls give me/us the $$$$




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