Magnolia’s New Design

21 02 2008

Magnolia has this very interesting concept of ‘advertising’. It comes as a contest – “Magnolia’s Express Your Flava Sticker Art Contest”


They have this kind of mat, stick on the table of the Kopitiam opposite the Cathay Cineleisure, where we can place stickers and design the cover of the bottle. And tata … this is what I have designed…..

My masterpiece… Sui borr..

My Magnolia’s design 

Along with the rest of 3 friends’ artwork.. I think mine is THE BEST!!! haha =) Together with Sally’s one as well… Her masterpiece is across mine (both designs in the dark red/brown)

Our Masterpieces

Everyone’s design 

Though it stated that it is a contest, and there were photographer and in-charge to take photos of the art-works there.. but we cannot place our particulars there, so not sure how they will approach us if they like our design… and there goes our prize also lorr!! *hmmphh* -____-“”

Sekali… I win leh…..




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