Strike 4D!!

21 02 2008

Remember the LION DANCE performance in my office CNY celebration..

The Lion gave 4 numbers “1753” .. My boss jokingly told me that it is supposedly “1763”, one of the orange piece was accidentally removed, making the ‘6’ become ‘5’. I looked at him.. and said “Is it so…????” Then he smiled at me…

So I went to place an orange skin to ‘correct’ the number ‘5’ to become ‘6’ .. making the number “1763”.. Then my boss was like…. “KK!!!!!!” laughingly… and went to remove the that piece of orange skin….

so number is back to “1753”

But I decided to buy “1753”, “1763” and “4618” (4618 was on the ang bao given to me by God of Fortune) for 4D. Wanted to buy $1 (normal) and $1 (i).

Guess what!!!

It came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not the actual sequences… but 1673!!! That was close!!! And this meant if I buy the i system for 1763, I will win some $$$$!!!


Another colleague told me actually the 1753 also ‘almost’ come up as well as the starter prize of the same draw on 20th Feb (Web). Yess… it is 7753!!!!! *GOSH* very very close too…  if the lion has placed 1-2 more orange slices, then the ‘1’ will become ‘7’!! haha =p =)

20 Feb 08
Draw No: 2662
1st Prize 0250
2nd Prize 5304
3rd Prize 3937
Starter Prizes
0805 3050
3059 5866
6465 7620
7753 8201
9832 9867
Consolation Prizes
0495 1642
1673 3355
5638 6476
6911 7529
8433 8504

Extracted from SingaporePools

And guess what!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gosh* -______-“”

My colleague bought and strike!! Happy for her… though prize is small coz she bought (i).




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