Pool $$ didn’t strike Toto

22 02 2008

Ok back to reality….

Everyone turns up in office today…. coz none of us won ToTo HongBao Draw.. *gosh* *sianz* –____–“”

The Toto entries that we bought with the pool $$ also didn’t manage win any prize… *double sianz* A colleague commented that the place where one of the top prize’s entry was bought at where we bought some of our entries…at FairPrice Xpress MacPherson (114, MacPherson Rd, Exxon Mobil (1 System 7 Entry))…  So we are saying …”ya lar… very sayang… sekali the winning lottery was bought before or after us!!!!! We are that close!!!”

For my own interest and future references, I decided to tabulate the cost of the various entries (since our pool $$ bought the various entries.. and I dunno how much they are except for the ordinary one (which I just knew yesterday that it is called system6!! haha)which is $0.50 each and the System 7 which is $3.50 each) :

  • System 9 – $42 each
  • System 8 – $14 each
  • System 7 – $3.50 each
  • System 6 – $0.50 each
  • System Roll (40 combinations, with one ‘R’) – $20 each



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