Latest trendy haircut in town!

24 02 2008

After much ‘lao tao’ (nagging) from Jo, juskawaime has decided to make an appt with her hairstylist in town

Having permed hair for 1 year+++  (used to have rebonding long hair before that, went to perm/curl for my bro Hendra’s wedding then.. thought it will be a nice change and more ‘glam’ look! =p ) without ‘touching’ up it for past 1year+++, except for those hair styling cream, my hair is indeed long, not as curly anymore (‘lost the magic curl/touch liao), dry and lots of split ends.. haha It still looks ok if I wet my hair in morning, apply some cream and do the actions like ‘twisting’ of the hair.. If not, some other days, it will look as if i have a very BAD Hair day! haha =p

Been pondering whether I should just cut short, or trim the bad ends a bit, or/and rebond hair, or/and curl my hair again… Confused … big decision leh… =p Anyway most frens (surprisingly) said that I look better with my curl/perm hair (instead of my re-bonding hair then..) and so adviced me to trim my hair shorter and then curl it.

deep-sixed send something like a Yr 2008 Most “IN” Hairstyles… very interesting.. and I somehow picked up Mush, Neo-Wave and Fuzzer-Bob. Alicia and deep-sixed mentioned Neo-Wave should be suitable for me =) Jo likes the Fuzzer-Bob, she said she will try that hairstyle when her hair is longer (which is quite long now… *Gosh* her hair grows extremely fast leh!!!)

Yr 2008 Most “IN” Hairstyles


So yesterday finally went for my hair cut appt. Was sharing with the hairstylist that I have not really decided on what hairstyle to cut… but added on saying if my hair cut this way this way it is ok?? Suitable for me?? Will it make me look ‘slimmer’??? etc He was quite confident and said something like it should look good and it will be refreshing change, since u have ur current hairstyle for almost 1year plus…  Feeling confident in him, I have decided to place my ‘fate and life’ on him!!! haha I gave the green light..

I think I was mentioning the design on ‘Milky Bob’ or ‘Straight Bob’ to him…

Jo came in late.. so by the time she reached the saloon, I am in the midst of my haircut…. She looked at it and in her usual high pitch…. she is like… “KK, are you sure you are cutting your hair short?!?!” And she gave me that kind of ‘horrified’ look… But well… the damage was done and it was irreversible. So I just prayed for the best….

It turned out that I really regret cutting my hair short!! *GOSH* I forgot how wavy and ugly my short hair can be… I really wanna kill myself for making that stupid decision of cutting my hair short!!!!! -__-“”

Jo also said it is ‘ME’ who decided to have such hairstyle… She said I could just let the hair stylist to help me design a hair style that will suit my face instead of ‘forcing’/fixing a hair style to the hair stylist … Oh… whatever…

And I thought that is it…. I shall always wear a cap/hat for the rest of my life… (to hide my hair) haha.. I forgot my hair structure is quite rough, a bit fizzy (a bit wavy here and there..)… and then when the weight of the hair is no longer there (by cutting it short).. my hair is like 大解放 … all like gone crazy!!! -____-“”

As what Jo have said….. “Thanx to Technology, luckily there is ‘REBONDING‘…” And yes… I was then RE-BORN!!! haha you can see the difference between my normal ‘ugly’ hair and the beautiful rebonded hair!! haha

Normal fizzy short hair

fizzy short hair

Magic of rebonding technology

rebonded hair

So I was given the 2nd chance.. and it didn’t look that bad…’The short rebonded hair’… At least, it was much better compared to ‘the short hair’ only!! Initially wanna to cut short hair and then highlight the hair (coz my hair is really black!!) with maybe… blue, red, reddish brown, bronze… etc Then $$ on rebonding/perming can be saved..

But it turns out that a rebonding is a MUST!! So I forgo the highlighting this time round… coz not good to do rebonding and colour/highlighting at the same time, the hairstylist said. Perhaps will consider going it next time.. Check out the price liao for my hair – colouring is $98? Highlight is $150/- Hmm… shall consider consider…

Presenting my new hairstyle – Do you like it?? =)

Final product

I am quite happy with overall result … (with the rebonding, of course), though I am still not used to it… Took photos.. but cannot recognize myself!! just scared that I will have pimples on my forehead… (for covering it) *choy choy* hopefully not!!  haha Well it gotta be good considering the amt of $$ and time I spent in this saloon… $275 & 4hrs +++

And hopefully with this short hair, my hair loss will also reduced… my hair is getting thinner!! And also with new hairstyle.. hope it will be also a new great beginning for me!! =D

My hairstylist for the day – Ritz from Estique (He is quite cool, friendly… and we both look like bro & sis here!!) hahaa v(^_^)v Oh welll… I need to lose some weights/fats.. not some.. but MORE though… =p Ritz is the art director of Estique, his cut price is one of the cheapest for an Art director – $75

Ritz and me

After that, we went to ISETAN supermarket (Lido basement) to buy some vege needed for Jo’s home (Yu Sheng).. they are having Kyushu Harvest Fair.. many japanese food…  we are atonished of the high price of their bai cai 白菜.. $7++ for a half piece!! o__O

Kyushu Harvest Fair

Kyushu Harvest Fair

Those fish eggs look yummy!!!

Kyushu Harvest Fair

Finally, we headed back to Jo’s house to fix Jo’s wireless router issue (but was not able to resolve, we decided to not to install the protection (then it will work well)), have steamboat dinner with Jo’s family, then followed by mahjong game!!

Jo’s first time ‘ga tio(‘ 咬到’) 4 animals at one game! And I was the one who gave her the winning tiles.. 5 ‘fan’ lehh!! She said she must took photo of the moment then..

mahjong’s titles

juskawaime is the biggest loser this time!! HooHooo… nevermind I WILL BE BACK…. to win everyone’s money again!!! hahaa *cheers*

me playing mahjong

Flowers taken at Jo’s house

flowers flower1 flowers2



7 responses

26 02 2008

Muahahaa!!! doesnt look like u leh, OMG… should leave longer fringe mah 😀

anyway, think it’s a good choice to rebond, else ur hair will be sticking out all over

8 03 2008

Yeah doesn’t look like me!!! Hoohooohooo =p

Ehh a lot of people are already saying my fringe is too long… need to be cut above eyebrowns.. haha and here ur suggesting me to leave my fringe longer.. =p hehehee

Yes… THanx to God and technology for rebonding!!! *wink*

19 11 2008

Isetan? Are you in Japan?

I like getting my haircut in Taiwan because they’re super nice there and it’s always cheap. I only recently came to Japan and have been trying to grow my hair out for a proper new style, but don’t feel comfortable going anywhere new where I don’t know the stylist -_-;

19 11 2008

Hi addidesu..
I am not in Japan currently. That Isetan is Singapore.
Which part of Japan are u in? If ur new to the area, I guess u need to try ur luck and go for anyone that u fancy. Then slowly build up ur preference list =)

6 01 2011


28 04 2011

was your hair damaged before?
because i’ve been wanted to rebond my hair does it work with damaged hair??

28 04 2011

Rebonding or curling will definitely hurt or damage ur hair coz it is not natural and not naturally you.
So there is a price to want to be pretty =)
If ur hair is damaged, I will suggest not to do rebonding first..

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