JCS Elementary Results

28 02 2008

This post is a bit outdated..  but never mind .. I just wanna record down my Jap scores.. =)

Remeber my JCS Elementary Level final exams post entry????

Hmm.. was hoping that I will score 225 and above! And my guess break-down then was:

  • Listening 40/50
  • Dictation 48/50
  • Vocab and comprehension 98/100
  • Oral 40/50

I was in A15 class (484) – course duration 76 hours (January to November 2007)…

The result is PASSED and I did score 225 above!! YuuHHuuu I thought I was one of the better one.. and even dreamed (fantasized) that I will be awarded the so-called-top-student!! haha I was in the rank of 50!! =p The top student scored 250/250!! *incredible*!! I meant to score full marks in listening and oral is GOOOODDD!! *thumbs up* Maybe that’s where I am weak at …

Total score is 236/250

  • Listening 46/50
  • Dictation 47/50
  • Vocab and comprehension 96/100
  • Oral 47/50



2 responses

8 11 2008

Hello… :0)
I just took my elementary oral today… u scored 47 last year? that sounds pretty gd..i wonder do they mark strictly.. as that male sensei was like abit expressionless look..
by the way… can i ask u how they inform the students of the results in december? by post … or… we have to go jcs check out ourselves on release date? =)

9 11 2008

Hi Sally, hope ur score will be good..
I am having my B class’s oral on Sunday, 9th Nov 2008
If u can answer all/most qs, think marks shouldn’t be a problem.. =)
No worry
They will send u a letter of the results.
But u can also go to the school when results are out to check ur scores and ur classmates’ scores as well..
I remember I went to school to check coz I couldn’t wait!! haha =)

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