JLPT4 result!

28 02 2008

Yo Yo …. I knew I will get my JLPT4 result this week..

Know abt it from the admin uncle (hmm forgot his name liao *pondering hard*) in JCS last week – he stated we can get it this week.. so I thought I can get my result today (thursday) later when I go for my Jap class… *looking forward excitingly* =)

But received a letter yesterday from JCS… opening the letter .. it was the score report of the Japanese-language proficiency test….


————– Results ————-

Writing.Vocabulary もじ。ごい 文字。語彙: 91 /100

Listening ちょう かい 聴解: 53 / 100 (quite weak at this… *sianz*)

Reading.Grammar とっかいぶんぽう 読解。文法: 168 / 200

Total: 312 / 400  (78%)


I have practiced the past year JLPT4 exams then .. think they are good gauge to see how well you can score in actual JLPT4 … I scored abt 75% for yr 2006 paper and abt 80% for yr 2004 paper.  JLPT4 2007 was quite difficult, I felt… I have done easier past year papers….

Anyway …. Anyone wanna borrow these past year papers, may ask me.. =)

Though I am happy… I have bad news as well…. Jo didn’t make it this time…  The passing score for JLPT 4 is 60% (i.e. 240 marks). She is short of 43 marks… =( Hopefully she doesn’t take this as a blocking pt for her… and stop herself from progressing. In fact, she is improving a lot… her Katagana tests these few days were always full marks – with clover (teacher will draw clover for those full marks in test) … Her Writing.Vocabulary scored very well… 73/100 – proud of her.. coz those are not in the syllabus we took last year in our beginner year. Normally we need to study Beginner and Intermediate courses (2 years) to take JLPT4…. but we plunged in and decided to take JLPT4 after we finished our beginner course and hoping for the best (if not we have another chance – that is to take JLPT4 again or JLPT3 this year 2008). See more here.

Got this from JCS, not sure if it meant for the whole JLPT level, or only Sg’s applications or only those who registered in JCS…. But from these figures/results, Level 1 and Level 2 are really difficult lehh…. imagine the failure rate is higher than the passing rate!! *GOSH* scary nehh!! ={

2007 Japanese Language Proficiency Test Results

Candidates will be notified by post.

  • The objective of the test is to let Japanese language students know their level of proficiency as well as to enhance their enthusiasm for the learning of the language for mutual understanding among nations.
  • The test is made up of three sections: Writing/Vocabulary, Hearing and Reading/Grammar.
  • Test Date: Tentatively, 1st Sunday of December (Sunday)
  • Registration: from 1st week of August to 1st week of September (Monday to Friday, 2.30pm to 8.00pm)
  • Registration centre: The Japanese Cultural Society at Midland House, 112 Middle Road #05-00. Tel: 6-3383428.



9 responses

8 03 2008

Hi, first of all, congrats. =)
just happen to surf by ur blog… i am also a student of jcs… a elementary student though… also just got my JLPT 4 cert this week. Learnt basic japanese 4 years back and was just trying to revise myself last year and tried taking the paper.. and passed… i took elementary in jcs this year without knowing i would pass the paper…coz i fare real bad at my listening… (i was too nervous and was like ‘huh?!’ most of the time during the listening session) my listening pulled my marks down… but still make it to a pass. (somewhere ard 270) but i guess i will still stay at elementary with my pals as i tink i’d be sweating in the intermediate class alone. can i ask you… how are the exams at jcs like? i am taking the first exam in april. there’s oral, written paper, listening? (no multiple choice like jlpt rite?) sigh.. always sweat at papers. hence, need some advice. ^_^

8 03 2008

Hi hi… thanx for dropping by and leaving ur comment..
Congrats in passing ur JLPT4 as well.. *applause*
You should go for intermediate class … then try for JLPT3 this end year…
See if u can switch to intermediate class.. show the school ur JLPT4 results.

Only JCS Final exam is considered in final grading. So just take the semester exams as a practice to ur final exam. Only in Final exams, then we will have oral, listening and written paper.. Semester exams is only written =)

Kanpatte ne =)

12 03 2008

Hi! 1st of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!

I know Im a lil bit too late to wish you but, WOW!!!!!!

You are one smart little girl.. I know that passing JLPT even in L4 is such a hardworking effort…Urm…about your past years papers, can you borrow it to me via e-mail?

Ganbatte yo!

Arigatou gozaimasu!!

12 03 2008

Hi Erika, thank you for your well-wishes *beam* =)
Hmmm… regarding past year papers for JLPT4 – I do not have it in epaper…
It is photocopied..

Ur taking JLPT4 this year???
Kanpatte desu ne… =)

4 06 2008

Hey…. i was searching for info for JLPT then found ur blog. He he… me also fr JCS, just started early this year- i took the fast track of elementry course – if u still in JCS, then u might know we r having exam this week.
So, u r in intermediate class now? This yr taking JLPT3, i guess… Wish u good luck then!


6 06 2008

Hi Dolphin..
Yes those intensive (aka fast track) elementary course will be having exams this week.. How was it for u so far??
Yupp i’m in the intermediate class in JCS..
Am considering to take JLPT3 at the end of this year..
But must brush up and self-study hard!!

Cheers!! =D

9 06 2008

Me… so far so good la… sure be able to pass the exam… but dun think can score good marks la…

the moment i came out fr the exam, i knew i got alot careless mistake liao…

I am planning to go for the JLPT4 this yr. Hopefully can pass, if not, then treat it as an experience lo…

Ganbatte ne!

10 06 2008

Hi Dolphin, are u going to take the intermediate intensive jap class this June??
If u need the past papers of JLPT, can borrow them from JCS library to photocopy ..

15 06 2008

Yup, alr reg for the intermediate class this june.
Thx for the advise, shall go borrow fr the library then.

Btw, my msn = pc287@hotmail.com
add me if u do msn!

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