Cs are OUT, Hs are IN

29 02 2008

Interesting entry from Otaku Yasu

Cs are OUT, Hs are IN

Last time, some women I knew look for boyfriends who possess at least 5Cs out of the 7Cs, which are mainly Cash, Car, Credit Card, Career, & Certificate. They don’t really expect the other 2 Cs, which are Condominium and Country Club, since it is quite hard in the “market” to find such super rich young guys unless they are willing to settle for the “old fishes”.

But then, looking at the current situation, it seems to get worse. Cs are out and Hs are in.

Some young women I knew start to look for boyfriends who possess the following Hs.

1) Hunk-material (Handsome face with Hot tall muscular body)
2) High-Class Vehicle (like Mitsubishi Evolution X?)
3) High stable salary for income (with at least $3K monthly)
4) Healthy (No smoking or bad drinking habits)
5) Highly-educated (with at least a Bachelor’s degree with Honours)
6) House (with at least 4 rooms and air-con installed)
7) Humor (to entertain the girl with jokes when she is bored)

As you can see, some Hs are “upgrade versions” of the traditional Cs. Meaning to say, the thirst for materialism gets more and more.

Sighz… This is the reason I like to give to people why on earth I still can’t find a girl friend after donkey years as seriously I won’t be able to achieve so many Cs or Hs as these women wanted. So instead of slogging like a Cow for Cs and working like in Hell for Hs, I rather stay single forever. I am just looking for a simple love, not a love based on materialism.





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