27 03 2008

Now teachers are ‘instructed’ or encouraged to blog…

WooHooo… so high tech…

So here is 叶老师, deep-sixed‘s mum

Jia you lor… auntie =)

Bye bye USA

27 03 2008

juskawaime has decided on one of the decision-making mentioned here..

That is not to go to USA..

Main reason is $$..

Will wanna save $$, my daddy & mummy also asked me to save $$.

Ok then… one down…

One lesser decisions to make…

Individual Income Tax Rates

27 03 2008

Income taxes…

Soon it is PAY-BACK time!!!

Comparing to Australia’s income tax rates, Singapore’s residents indeed pay lesser tax..

That is why we didn’t get much benefits like Australians also… especially when we retire..?

For example, for S$55k annual pay, we got extra S$7975 from company to our Central Provident Fund (CPF). That means we are earning S$62,975 in fact. If you are single, with no parents living with you or near you, you probably will not get much tax rebate or relief.  So minus your own 20% CPF contribution, and company’s 14.25%  CPFcontribution, your taxable/chargeable income is S$44k. Then the tax we need to pay is S$900+S$4k*8.50% = S$1240.

Similarly for an annual pay of AU$55k, we will prob be paying much more than $1240 for our tax!! I am not familiar with their taxable or non-taxable stuffs plus any tax-rebate or relief..  but their initial charge for income between AU$30k-75k is already AU$3,600. And plus another 30cent for each $1 over $30k… Gosh!! Isn’t that going to be AU$3,600+AU$0.30*25,000=AU$11,100!!

Comparing to S$1240!!! *GOSH* -___-“” Now I really believe when my bro mentioned that he paid almost AU$20k of tax!! *GOSH* *roll eyes* So where does the tax $$ goes to?? What benefits will the Australian get?? Perhaps it is to support those in pension.. and eventually they hope to get the same pension help in future… I dunno.. if you know more, do tell me.. Thank you

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27 03 2008

juskawaime hate going to dentist!!!!!!!!!

But I still need to go to a dental clinic and I still need to rely on my dentist doctor… -_____-“”


Life is such dilemma isn’t it??

I hate/fear them … yet I cannot do without them…

I really trembled with fear … or u should say tremor when the dentist ‘operates’ on me everytime…U will see my fist hands, and I try to sink myself to the seat everytime the dentist try to ‘zzing’ me.. I think my pain threshold level is really low… and i think i also have sensitive teeth… I really dun like the ‘sound’ of the utensils used by dentist, be it to polish or clean or extract or whatever….

Sometimes all the more I/we fear, we thought we should just keep them away… aka dun go for ur yearly or bi-yearly dental checkup… U thought ur very clever and delighted/felt smug… Alas… after 1-2 years later… u felt pain in one of ur tooth… that u know it is ultimate urgent signal by the teeth department for u to visit ur ‘demon’ dentist!! If u go, u die! If u dun go to dentist for help, u also die!!

I think in life there are things/stuffs like that … it is either you pay now… or pay later… So take your choice – You decide your destiny / actions / treatments

So I tried to find a good or gentle dentist over the internet or asking for recommendation.. (I dun have a fixed dentist… coz I think I haven’t really met one that I felt safe with him/her to ‘kacau’ (meddle) with my teeth) I really forgot how I get to this dentist lady. I thought it was like I was having pain in my tooth last time (decay until very painful liao…) then was calling most of the Q & M Dental Surgery for any vacancy slot (I used to patronize once the Q&M in Tiong Bahru, thought not bad, but alas the queue was hot!) and finally managed to secure an appt at 9.30pm at Q & M in Hougang Plaza then.

The dentist who attended me then is Dr Peggy Chan. She took an x-ray of my teeth (Never in life, I ever heard of teeth X-Ray!! o__O Or maybe I am really ‘suku’ or ‘mountain tortoise’ or outdated!!) and then patiently showed me that from the X-Ray, there are 5-7 decay in my teeth!! Can’t really remember how many decays, i just remember there are a lOT!! And that gave me a shock of my life!! Gosh!! o__O How can it be that many!!!!  Then I remembered the nights when I was not diligently brushing my teeth… Then I remembered the after-lunch brushing teeth that I never do… And plus I didn’t floss my teeth… I never think there was a need. And that was why lots of food stucked some where inside, in-between my teeth.. where brushing teeth is never enough…

At that time, Dr Peggy did warned me that some of the decay maybe too deep into the teeth that it may affect the veins… if it really happened, I have no choice but to do for crown.. and that will cost a bomb!!! And much pain!!! Luckily I was given a 2nd chance.. teeth is ok after filling… I remembered the entire encounter is not pleasant.. heart beating very fast … but luckily Dr Peggy gave me some medicine to numb my mouth during the process .. so I didn’t feel any pain.. *PHEeeeww*

At that time, I re-visit her few times to do my fillings for my decay teeth..  The tooth X-Ray is really good. Can see or do prevention of any potential decay hole… and to fix them up before it gets too big to handle…  And it is more reliable than just dentist’s eye to check manually on your teeth’s conditions. So I recommend X-Ray for ur teeth. It is not expensive.. I think less than $50 (maybe abt $30)?? It is hazzle-free, not painful and fast (immediately u can see the x-ray and acted upon any teeth on the spot). You can do X-Ray every 1-2 year, or when needed, I think. But u can seek the expert advice of ur dentist.

Next I learn that I need to do flossing at all time.. So juskawaime is a good girl.. she listens to dentist’s advice and floss every night and if possible, after every meal..  And today, dentist said that I need to get soft brush, and dun brush too hard!! Yes, I shall heed that.. I shall go and buy a super soft toothbrush soon… I trust Dr. Peggy

And final lesson learnt is to visit ur dentist every 6 mths and do polishing. Scaling and polishing can help make teeth stronger and keep them in good conditions. Plus it is a good time for dentist to detect any potential decay…

My appt with Dr Peggy was delayed for a few mths… yes I dreaded it still.. haha and yesterday I went to fix an appt to do scaling and polishing. She mentioned I do not need to X-Ray for now. Maybe on the next time when I visit her in 6 months’ time. But alas… when she was cleaning my teeth, she showed me that I have a hole in one of filled teeth and plus one of the filled teeth outside was wearing (coz I brushed too hard, she said!) so nightmare again… this time is painful coz she didn’t numb me!! Gosh!! Indeed my fear was founded, one of my filled teeth (which I felt a bit sinking) is decaying slightly inside…  So she will need to remove the old fillings and decay, and then place the new filling… When she was trying to remove the old fillings, i almost wanna die!!! sensitive teeth.. the sound and feeling still lingered in my memory till now!! -___-“”

I am just glad that everything is over … till my next visit end of the year…

Spree Shopping

22 03 2008

Spree… always wanna explore this form of shopping… but it is not so easy as I fancy… but perhaps it is not that difficult as I thought… all we need are good instructions and a GO! hahaa!!

Below is a tip on Spree from Bing:

Why NOT to join Sprees

If the item you buy arrive in wrong size or a complete wrong item, there is no way you can exchange. Most sites require you to pay for shipping and its not worth to get it exchanged. Might as well sell it off.

Remember that pink ASOS dress I bought for wedding dinner in May. It arrived in the wrong size. I spent $80 bucks on it. Polyester bag states M but dress inside is S. I nearly fainted from shock today. Last straw came when organiser reply that she threw away the returns invoice! *heart attack*

Im still waiting for reply frm ASOS. Its their fault lor they better give me a satisfactory answer.
Luckily I never wait for my clutch to arrive to combine postage so i can rectify the problem earlier.
Veronica is nice again to help me sell it to her friend, who is paying me on Tuesday.


I’ve received questions regarding how to spree online from afew friends.So I thought by posting on my blog, you will understand more about it.The benefits of buying online rather than in stores!

WHY spree?

  • Its alot cheaper than in store. ALOT.
  • You do not have to walk till your legs break just to find that something you like.
  • Its convenient, payment through fund transfer
  • Organiser do the follow up for you, and the next thing you know, item appears in your mail!
  • Many pple buy together will enjoy shipping savings rather than you buy alone.

WHERE to find sprees?

Usually I find them in livejournal communities which hosts sprees. These are monitored by afew moderators to make sure that there is no spam or cheat cases. Spree organisers provide private details to the moderators and only when they are approved are they allowed to post a spree.
These are some communities site…
**You need a Livejournal account to post order! Join these communites first!**

The first 2 sites are more established and organisers there are less likely to run away with your $, but the sprees there also close very quickly due to good response. The 3rd site usually contain blogshops which post to sell expensive apparels so you need to know how to filter them, those are expensive. The last 2 are up and coming, and sprees dont close so quickly, can give it a try. 🙂

HOW to join?

  • Once you enter the communities, you’ll see many posts on different sprees.
  • Click on one which you’re interested in to get into the spree page.
  • The person who post it will be the spree organiser, her account and nickname is on top left hand corner.
  • Usually, they’re required to give a feedback link, to display their credibility, this is impt, check it out to see if she’s reliable!
  • Spree details are given: READ thoroughly. Things such as shipping and distribution is very impt. Sometimes, they include discount the spree site is offering too. If its a good bargain, you have to act fast, fastest fingers first.
  • Upon understanding details, shop on the spree webpage link (eg Forever21) and decide what you want to buy. This’s the most enjoyable process!
  • Come back to the spree page. Post your orders in the given format. Pay by IBanking and post transaction reference together with order post.
  • Different organisers do updates differently. Get this info from the spree page details.
  • Wait for your loots to arrive! 🙂

TIPS on choosing the right stuff

  • Not all stuff online are good bargains, but most are, you must know how to filter. It comes with experience.
  • Sizing is a problem. Most sites provide an accurate size chart. But generally, Taiwan apparels are smaller in cutting, American apparels are bigger. Know how to gauge. It also comes with experience.
  • Pictures speak a thousand words, but some items may arrive in bad quality. Zoom in on the pictures if possible to see the fabric material. Or read description to expect the texture on your clothes. Most online sites provide beautiful/heavily photoshopped pictures to hook you into buying.
  • Note shipping costs. Taiwan sprees cost ard $3+ per item. American sprees maybe more expensive – $4 to $7. Depends. Take extra care, you do not want to get a real bargain, but spend heaps on shipping! Most sprees decide shipping cost by weight too. Shoes or bags maybe charged as 3 items = More expensive shipping!

TIPS on how not to get cheated

  • Most sprees entitles the organiser to 50cents handling fee. Not more than that.
  • If shipping end up to be ridiculously expensive, dont be afraid to ask organiser for a print-screen of the shipping quotation. They are obliged to show you.
  • Opt for registered post if items are too expensive. Safer and organiser needs to provide you a tracking number, which proves that they did mail it out. They are not responsible if item gets lost by normal mail!
  • Look at feedback carefully. Do not join if you think organiser is incompetent.
  • If its a supplier spree (those without a reference website), only join if you’re agreeable on the prices. You never know if organiser is earning from it.
  • Extra costs might be incurred. For eg: Some Taiwan sites dont ship internationally, you need an agent (middleman) and you’ve to pay him. OR Some organisers pay by Paypal or EZPay (taiwan version of paypal), there is additional charges. OR Some american sites ship free within US. So you need an agent (Vpost/Comgateway) to ship it to organiser’s house, and you’ve to pay them for shipping.

TERMS we use in spree

  • OOS – out of stock
  • Items/Units – Usually do not refer to how many things you buy, but the shipping units you are going to incur. Read details carefully.
  • ALT – Alternative if you item goes oos
  • DNB – Used under the alt blank, indicates do not buy if out of stock

Other TIPS to spree successfully

  • Be fast. Dont fickle. Some sprees close while you are still shopping. The girls can be very scary.
  • Have your IBanking device next to you always.
  • Take note of spree cap. Once the cap is reached, organiser wont take in anymore orders (This is to evade GST). Some take eons to refund you. Be careful.
  • LASTLY, enjoy the whole process. It comes with practise and before you know it, you realise you dont shop in our pathetic daylight robbery malls anymore! 😀

There are other places to shop online (esp blogshops/online stores), but usually, they are making a profit and its no difference from buying in malls. Furthermore, they also get their stocks from online sites (which you can get from sprees). Thus, sprees are still the optimum choice!

Now that i finish this post, I realise that spreeing is an ART. lol.
Other spree experts may add on to things which i may miss out. hee.

Hope someone benefit from reading this! 🙂


Congrats Daryl & Estelle!

16 03 2008

Dedicating this post entry to Daryl and Estelle! =)

The customary wedding dinner of colleague Daryl and his beautiful wife Estelle at Hilltop Garden Restaurant, located at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club, Crystal Ballroom on 8th March 2008 (Sat).

Imagine having a sumptuous meal while enjoying splendid scenery at the same time. Set atop Bukit Batok hill, the newly opened Hilltop Garden Restaurant combines an excellent location with more options for your dining pleasures. Hilltop capacity Hall A: 55, Hall B:38, 2nd Level 1 to 2 Ballrooms range from 20 to 50 Tables, 4th Level Ballroom 62 Tables. ..

Happy couple – Handsome and witty Daryl & dazzling and pretty Estelle

We were in the 4th level – that grand place can accommodate 58 tables …o__O Very big indeed.. however there was not much room (free/extra space) to play around then…. Luckily the aisle was spacious enough for the bride and the groom to walk their wedding march.. =)

Theme of the wedding nite was Oriental. Cheongsam came alive, ‘Cheena’ music for 1st & 2nd march-in, groom ‘waving’ to audiences as they walked in (a bit comical I thought… hoohoo) …. and I think they walked too fast also (maybe afraid not much time left – since they had so much tables (for photo-taking later).. .. and coz they walked too fast in first march-in … I was not able to capture any good photos for first one)

Happy Groom & Bride in their 2nd march-in


Food was very good.. I would say.. though some said that food was so so… But maybe I liked most of the dishes in the menu, plus the portions were really generous (maybe a little ‘tiny wee’ too much =p I am not complaining… it just means that I can eat much more.. but then.. there was limited space in my stomach after all.. coz there were 9 dishes in total!!) I remembered attending another Church sister’s wedding in this place also in New Year’s eve, 31-12-06… but it was in 2nd level ballroom *Gosh* time flies!! .. Food, then, was also great! *thumbs up*

There were 10 dishes in the menu.. including Chinese Tea (Tea is also a dish mehh…?? =p) I particularly like the photos of these dishes — shark’s fin, asparagus and prawn .. My fav food will be YAM paste.. coz I like ‘oh ni’… yummmy *slurrp*….. I like all of them.. in fact! =D hoohooohooo

2nd dish – Sharks’ fin – taken by Steven

Sharks’ Fins

6th Dish – Cereal Prawn

7th Dish – Scallop and Asparagus

1st Dish - Combination Platter 3rd dish - Chicken 4th dish - Fish

5th Dish - Broccoli 8th Dish - wrapped rice 9th Dish - Yam

From here, I have learned that one is never too young to toast!! haha JunYing was clinging to HS throughout the whole night… as he wanted to be with the ‘boss’ (老板)!! hahaa cute… he was like saying….I wanna sit with boss, I wanna take photo with boss… I wanna toast with boss… interesting =)

Cheers!! =) 3 men & one boy – giving a toast to the groom & bride!!

I am really happy that Daryl can found such a pretty, happy-go-lucky,friendly, sweet and 爽快 ‘shuang kuai’ wife! =)

Daryl is the colleague who likes to say ‘cold jokes’ sometime.. __-“” hahahaa (at least to me) but he is very organized, committed and he is our office’s highflyer!! When I first met/knew Estelle, really like her character… not that I am saying I know her very well… but sometimes…. u know….at first encounters, u can feel whether u can click with this person or not…

Thank you for the invitation and the wonderful time!! Though there was not much time to play tricks on the groom and bride!! Heyy…. that was what you two wished for is it!?!?! huh!! =p Hereby wishing you two happily ever after!! Great wishes!! Jia you for the family planning yeah!! =D

juskawaime + pretty bride + handsome groom

Decisions.. decisions

15 03 2008

juskawaime has lots of stuffs to think and decide *sianz* Here are 2 main ones:

(1) Should I go for USA for holiday and relative-visiting??

It kinds of clashes with my original plan to save $$ for this year…. since such a trip may cost easily more than $4k….


Which do you go for???

Life is short – Play hard (or u will regret!) You only live once!!


Life is short (and fragile and unexpected) – Save well (for rainy days) and spend well (only on necessary stuffs – be practical)

What do you think??

All the while, I was intending to plan to go… coz can attend cousins’ wedding, visit relatives and at the same time, do some sight-seeing.. Never really been to USA.. My last trip and only trip to USA was in year 2000 with my church mates for Winter Training Conference in Anaheim. Didn’t also managed to go for any sight-seeing then… spent time only at the church training… haha…

If I do go.. need to decide also what to do and where to go… and plan for our itinerary.. Jo wants to go for Hot Air Balloon… and maybe Grand Canyon…?? LA?? Seattle?? Arizona??? Contiki has some plan

But then, I thought.. I will not die if I didn’ t go to USA isn’t it??? Plus, there are also lots of place I didn’t visit or go in Singapore as well… So…??? Save $$ more important… isn’t it???


I dunno …

Let me think abt it first … need to come to a conclusion by end of March..

(2) Shall I move place or stay put??

My landlord’s sister has told me last week that they want to increase our current rental by $1k…. *GOSH* *shocked state* -___-“” From $1500 to $2500 … that is like 66% increase men!! Madnesss…. My salary input has also never increase 66% in past 6 years (accumulative!!!) -_____-“” *GOSH* Not to mention that my salary input has (of course) never increase 66% in one year!!! o__O Now with my rental’s HUGE increase, inflation is really something I am experiencing/suffering…. *sigh*

So my 2nd issue that is cracking my head now is should I stay at current place? Or should I move?? U know lar.. moving is hassle … but then if the $$ difference is a lot… perhaps I should also move… Landlady’s sister did say we can negotiate and tell them our offer.. but then… we never know what price they will goo for …

And eventually, there are other issues we/I need to settle for if we decide to stay … Like to settle the rental among ourselves… to agree on the increase of the rental … and also to look for new tenant(s) to move in (since someone is relocating to Malaysia) ….. a bit sianz to settle all these…

Perhaps to move out is better… can really clear up some of my stuffs, and those rubbish at home… But of course, there are other issues to consider if I move out too… like if I do move, shall I move alone?? Or should I stay with my cousins?? Or shall I move to a place with owner staying (normally maybe cheaper??) ?? Or whether new place is convenient (to work)… or if new room is big enough to place my stuffs…. etc etc etc *sigh* headacheeeee

What do you think???

Anyone to recommend good lobang for rental?? Pls drop me a line! Thanx =)

Am looking at Toa Payoh, Hougang, Eunos, East if I move alone or with my current housemates…

A Great Sunday at Orchard

13 03 2008

Last weekend, juskawaime stayed over at cousin’s place.. Yvonne is the potential Chef who loves cooking… and this is what she prepared for lunch for me on Saturday… *yummmy* I still prefer ‘pempek’ though…. =p When are u going to make pempek for me again?? *nudge*

noodle-meatball-crabstick + salty-vege-taoge-tofu


On last Sunday, we had a date with her friends. We took bus from Bukit Batok to Orchard.. bus 77 .. abt 40mins of journey… and meanwhile, we did what we love to do… taking photos… haha =D


Met new frens of cousin – Jonathan & Freddy. Together with Agnes and Yvonne, we five (missing Caba – poor him was sick!) had Japanese buffet at Suki Sushi, Cineleisure 4th Level.

The girls

Suki Sushi Buffet Lunch

Review of it can be found here as well..

Buffet available from 12pm – 5.30pm  
(all $1.80 – $4.90 items only. Last order at 5.00pm)  
Adults $19.90++
Students/Senior Citizens $16.90++
Kids (below 10yrs old) $ 9.90++
Free flow of Juices (Deserts not included in buffet)

Any items/plates under $4.90 is for the buffet.. Not all taste nice and fresh… but I think it is quite worth it … considering u already spent like $20++ if u order 4 plates of the $4.90 categories… But now, u can order as much as u want for this price $20++!!!

Foodie…. some of them … I like…. Agnes loves the Kue Sus very much… I think she finished most of them till out-of-stocks!!! haha lol

jap food jap food Agnes loves the Kue Sus

After stuffing ourselves with food, we walked along Orchard Rd .. plus foto taking (as usual)

One of the best photo of us together ….. but why must I hold that stupid umbrella… now I looked like a mum or auntie bring my children to Orchard Rd for shopping/fun… -___-“”

Us at Orchard Rd

We, plus Jo, then watched a movie – The Leap Years – at The Cathay (Touching movie!! Jo & I cried few times in the movie – My colleagues stated it is a ‘chick flick’… mainly to attract ladies for such impossible romantic (translated to unrealistic?) life encounters)


The Leap Years

MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, one of Asia’s leading film companies and Ochre Pictures, Singapore’s award-winning production company are producing Singapore’s first English love story entitled, THE LEAP YEARS.

Thai heartthrob – Ananda Everingham, last seen in Shutter (2004) co-starred in this romantic love story with Singapore girl next door – Li Lin. Based on a novella by well-acclaimed writer, Dr Catherine Lim, the story talks about a young Singaporean girl having chance upon her special someone on 29th February. She decides to base her intuition on an Irish leap year tradition that no man will refuse any request of a lady and invites him out for a date. Together, they embark on a romantic journey that spans over 12 years, meeting only thrice in 12 years, on the leap year. The delightful draw being the leap yearly meet-ups is sure to entice the special someone out there in all of us.

Together with a colourful cast of gorgeous ladies and men – Joan Chen, Ananda Everingham, Li Lin, Qi Yu Wu, Vernetta Lopez, Nadya Hutagulung – THE LEAP YEARS aims to capture the fascinating sensibilities and the essence of life in contemporary Singapore.


My version…

Movie features Joan Chen, Ananda Everingham, Qi Yi Wu (715) and Wong Li Lin. Wong Li Lin plays the role of ‘Li-Ann’, the younger version of Joan Chen. 715 played Li-Ann’s friend, KS, who likes her. But Li-Ann has treated KS as friends only. Li Ann has a sweet and amazing and ‘unbeliveable’ and heart-breaking encounters with Ananda (Jeremy) on 29th February.

  • 1st Leap Year (first time) – 2 hrs of encounters only has binded them closely together. They promised to meet again same time, same place and same date (that is 4 years later)
  • 2nd Leap Year – with no news from Jeremy, it is difficult to keep to the promise that seems unrealistic.. but Li-Ann perservered. Their feeling for each other was so strong…. but Jeremy told Li-Ann he had a daughter. Li-Ann told him she wanted out
  • 3rd Leap Year – Jeremy was waiting for Li-Ann at usual place. Li-Ann passby and lied to him she had married – stopping him to give any explaination..
  • 4th Leap Year – Li-Ann was marrying another guy that day… but KS managed to get hold of Jeremy’s letter to Li-Ann… (knowin that Li-Ann is not happy, her heart belongs somewhere else)…. So he read it during Li-Ann’s wedding march-in. Li-Ann has found the answers she wanted to know since she met Jeremy and knew that she still love him… So they are finally together…. happily ever after… =)
  • Many Leap Years later – Jeremy was in comma for some period… and on this day, he wake up… fulfilling his promise to meet her always on the Leap Year!

Few notes I get from this movie – being single – it takes courage and many efforts to resist the temptation to just settle down with any guy/girl… And if we are Li-Ann, how many of us are that strong-willed and have this faith to wait for an ‘unknown’ guy, whom u interacted only for 2 hrs, for 4 years … think most of us will just choose the easy way ….

Posing at Cathay Cineleisure with the gigantic “The Leap Years” poster


Us at The Cathay Cineplex (after movie)… Yes the girls said they did not know me!! *paiseh* (lose face.. embarrassing!!!) they said!!! haha lol

The Cathay Cineplex

Finally finishing this great day at Billy Bombers for Nachos & strawberry milkshakes.

It wrotes here – ‘Elvis Eats Here

Bill Bombers

Thanx everyone for the great sunday!! =)

A sweet compilation on this day by my cousin

Beijing Olympic 2008

13 03 2008

Never been to Beijing… also never see any Olympic games in person… will wanna go (since Lih Chin is there now) and visit the Great Wall of China..

But little time and little $$ … with other activities and overseas trip on my travel plan..

My dad used to take the whole family and Ah Gong to China during school holidays (December) for holiday.. like Yunnan, ShiLin, SwaTao…etc Never been to Beijing and ShangHai… i think main consideration is coz of the climate/weather there during December.. (too cold for us to bear)…

I don’t think I can go Beijing before Lih Chin moves back to sg… *sigh* *sianz*

Beijing Olympic Stadium – ‘Bird Nest’

Beijing Olympic Stadium

Turning BLUE

12 03 2008

Yes… I got my OPI…

Didn’t manage to get online… but happened to be in Jurong Point, entered a shop that sells OPI nail polish.. it is 1 for $18 and 2 for $30 (I think).. so I got 2…

One is the Malaga Wine that I blog that I like this… and Yoga-ta Get this Blue! Have read review of India Spring 2008 Collection, from it … stated that it is perfect!

I saved the best for last. I had to keep you scrolling. From the very second I got my hands on this shade I’ve been talking it up to anyone who would listen. Deeper and richer than Blue My Mind from the 2005 Brights yet lighter than all the 2007 OPI blues, Yoga-ta is everything I’ve been wanting a navy to be. It’s visibly blue in most lighting situations which is something many of the blues that came before it have failed to achieve. In the simplest of terms, it’s perfect.

Yoga-ta Get this Blue

Oh now … my finger nails are in this colour – BLUE!! =) And the colours look exactly like the above photo =]

SL’s Birthday Lunch

12 03 2008

A colleague’s birthday yesterday.. so she took leave yesterday to have some girl gathering with her friends.. We lunch kakis decided to go to nearby Dolphin restaurant to celebrate her birthday on Monday =)

The Ladies

The ladies

Funny thing is coincidentally we have 4 ladies and 4 guys!! We looked like we are there for speed dating!!! hahaa *wink* =p

The guys

The guys

Western Lunch we are having!! Yummmmy =D We had Fish & Chip, Lamp Chop, Chicken Breast, Ribeye Steak and Tenderloin Steak…

Fish & Chips Lamp Chop Chicken Breast

I had Tenderloin Steak… Look at how thick my beef is!! *smile*

Ribeye Steak Tenderloin Steak My Tenderloin Steak


LTA slapped SMRT

12 03 2008

juskawaime stays in the East but not extreme East, so was not affected when MRT services along Pasir Ris, Tampines, Simei and Tanah Merah was stopped for 7 hours ++ on 21st January. But this man-made neglect/careless/mislook of the SMRT employee(s) has caused inconvenience of more than 50,000 passengers and eventually SMRT was fined almost S$400,000 by Land Transport Authority (LTA) yesterday.


Read more of the smrt_news