EXPO weekend

2 03 2008

Have you come across an email …  or diagram that stated the differences between men and women when they intend to buy something, for example, T-shirts & jeans in a shopping mall… (will show u all the diagram if I come across it again)

The guys/men will go directly to the shop and bought the T-shirts & jeans.. They will spend 15mins and $150 in total… for example…

The ladies/women will go to all other various shops.. in the end, they bought a lot of other stuffs, spend $300++ and 5 hrs in total… But didn’t go to the shop and bought the Tshirts&jeans..

That is what women do … being sidetrack

And that is what Jo & I did during this weekend…

Jo & I thought to go for the Natas Travel Fair 2008 to check out what we can do in USA.. and thus plan effectively our itinerary … And also perhaps check out any cheap Japan (Hokkaido) travel package if any..

Natas Fair 

That is our main intention for going EXPO…

NATAS Travel 29 February – 02 March 2008
@ Singapore Expo Halls 4B & 5

Natas Travel Fair in EXPO

But…. In the end, we went for POPULAR FAIR and WATSON FAIR instead … Total damage is $90+++, time taken 3hrs+++… That is my portion only…. Jo spend almost $200 on the Popular Fair, bought a set of Chinese learning DVD (?) for her nephew — which cost almost $130++ And also plus other stuffs (‘wu ngia bo jiak’ stuffs).. SHe said there are many other stuffs which she wanted to buy… but restrained herself…. coz she does not wanted to be ‘killed’ and ‘scolded’ by mummy by buying home soo many ‘rubbish’!! haha

Mothers, fathers, children… buying textbook, assessment books…etc

popularfair Popular Fair Popular Fair

There are stuffs which I wanted to buy in the Popular Fair as well… like the ‘small S’ pregnancy diary book (think it will be interesting), the gamble book (to learn gambling rules.. if i intend to work in Casino next time… =p or to try my luck in Casino next time…), the winny-the-pooh box and ‘carpet’ kind (named as puzzle mat).. They even have that for Mickey Mouse, Winny the pooh, the Disney princesses…. *Gosh* all my lovess… Really have soft spots for themm.. *Auwww*

Puzzle mat and box

puzzle mat puzzle mat -mickey mouse winny-the-pooh box 

I always love this kind of puzzle mat since long time.. last time more into those alphabets and numbers…. now have even more pretty pictures…. =) have always fantasized my future ‘baby’ room to be filled with this…  yeah… maybe not baby room next time.. but at least a place of my own.. instead of just a room…  Always wanna buy… but then…dunno where I can place them … since my room is already packed with lots of ‘wu ngia bo jiak’ stuffs already… overcrowded liao… -___-“” LOL

Bought 5 boxes of mask… (I am sucker for this.. haha =p) at Watson Fair coz it was HOUR SPECIAL.. where the price was very attractive. They claimed original price is $40/box… and then selling at $10/box for that 10mins…  So kiasu me.. bought 5 boxes at one go…. 0__O hahhaaa cheepp cheeep mah…  Hopefullly it is good =) *cross fingers*

Oh ya.. need to complain… Watson cashier overcharged me for my nail polishes..  Have always wanna buy red nail polish… happened to see 2 nice colours of Sylvie Nail Polish – red & dark pink – offer at 2 for $6.90 But in the end, you know how much they charge me…??? $5.90 each!!! >.< That is $4.90 overcharge!!! 打枪 (robbery) ahh… !!!Worse thing is stupid and blur me only realize it when I got home…. huh!! *shake head*

Watson Fair Watson Fair my shopping bags

Oh well ….did I mention… whether in the end we go for the Natas Travel Fair???

No present for guessing the right answer… =p

YES…. the funny thing is that we didn’t enter the Travel Fair eventually…. as we were a bit of tired already (of walking and shopping), plus we have many bags with us already ( back and legs a bit ‘suan’ already – old liao…) and plus there is a $3 admission charge!! (Cheepoo us!! =p )

women… haha



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