NUS’ active SEX life

12 03 2008

My flatmate DT asked me to read this feature in mypaper (of 11th March 2008) and urged me blog abt it.. haha so here it is …

Sensational news… haha … but Star blogger, Jamie Yeo, commented that she did not think that anybody was surprised to read about the findings of the survey that revealed that 64% of National University of Singapore (NUS) students have sex at least once a week. In fact, she was surprised that the figure was not any higher!! Nothing sensational news about such as everyone knows that all this testosterone-driven hanky panky has been going on for many years at the hostels!! I agreed with that!! *nodding profusely* I think this should be a common phenomenon one will see/observe in school with hostels .. which Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students are also having such sex in hostel… But perhaps it is more active in NUS compared to NTU .

She even spilled out some juicy news about the sex-activities of student-teacher population; A certain famous person who boasted that back when she was in NUS, she once slept with a lecturer just to get good grades.. haha this one I heard such first time.. thought it happened only in movie/drama =p

And her conclusion is nothing can stop them (for having sex) ..  Instead of forbidding them, what needs to be done is educating these young adults on safe sex and instilling a social and academic responsibility, highlighting dire consequences of irresponsible sex like unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, bad grades and broken hearts…

Above is extracted from mypaper, read more of this article.

Lots of bloggers/reports comment on these… like the star blogs in STOMP..

Asiaone also featured this. It stated that this NUS sex survey, that was published in February’s issue of ‘The Ridge’ (an NUS Students’ Union publication), caused many to be astonished over the degree of liberalisation that Singapore students have towards sex…. The common toilet ranked second, after the hostel, as a location of choice for having sex. (haha… not much other choices, I guess =p)

Happened to browse this blogger – PatriciaLin, she also includes the link to the original survey findings




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