Turning BLUE

12 03 2008

Yes… I got my OPI…

Didn’t manage to get online… but happened to be in Jurong Point, entered a shop that sells OPI nail polish.. it is 1 for $18 and 2 for $30 (I think).. so I got 2…

One is the Malaga Wine that I blog that I like this… and Yoga-ta Get this Blue! Have read review of India Spring 2008 Collection, from it … stated that it is perfect!

I saved the best for last. I had to keep you scrolling. From the very second I got my hands on this shade I’ve been talking it up to anyone who would listen. Deeper and richer than Blue My Mind from the 2005 Brights yet lighter than all the 2007 OPI blues, Yoga-ta is everything I’ve been wanting a navy to be. It’s visibly blue in most lighting situations which is something many of the blues that came before it have failed to achieve. In the simplest of terms, it’s perfect.

Yoga-ta Get this Blue

Oh now … my finger nails are in this colour – BLUE!! =) And the colours look exactly like the above photo =]




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