A Great Sunday at Orchard

13 03 2008

Last weekend, juskawaime stayed over at cousin’s place.. Yvonne is the potential Chef who loves cooking… and this is what she prepared for lunch for me on Saturday… *yummmy* I still prefer ‘pempek’ though…. =p When are u going to make pempek for me again?? *nudge*

noodle-meatball-crabstick + salty-vege-taoge-tofu


On last Sunday, we had a date with her friends. We took bus from Bukit Batok to Orchard.. bus 77 .. abt 40mins of journey… and meanwhile, we did what we love to do… taking photos… haha =D


Met new frens of cousin – Jonathan & Freddy. Together with Agnes and Yvonne, we five (missing Caba – poor him was sick!) had Japanese buffet at Suki Sushi, Cineleisure 4th Level.

The girls

Suki Sushi Buffet Lunch

Review of it can be found here as well..

Buffet available from 12pm – 5.30pm  
(all $1.80 – $4.90 items only. Last order at 5.00pm)  
Adults $19.90++
Students/Senior Citizens $16.90++
Kids (below 10yrs old) $ 9.90++
Free flow of Juices (Deserts not included in buffet)

Any items/plates under $4.90 is for the buffet.. Not all taste nice and fresh… but I think it is quite worth it … considering u already spent like $20++ if u order 4 plates of the $4.90 categories… But now, u can order as much as u want for this price $20++!!!

Foodie…. some of them … I like…. Agnes loves the Kue Sus very much… I think she finished most of them till out-of-stocks!!! haha lol

jap food jap food Agnes loves the Kue Sus

After stuffing ourselves with food, we walked along Orchard Rd .. plus foto taking (as usual)

One of the best photo of us together ….. but why must I hold that stupid umbrella… now I looked like a mum or auntie bring my children to Orchard Rd for shopping/fun… -___-“”

Us at Orchard Rd

We, plus Jo, then watched a movie – The Leap Years – at The Cathay (Touching movie!! Jo & I cried few times in the movie – My colleagues stated it is a ‘chick flick’… mainly to attract ladies for such impossible romantic (translated to unrealistic?) life encounters)


The Leap Years

MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, one of Asia’s leading film companies and Ochre Pictures, Singapore’s award-winning production company are producing Singapore’s first English love story entitled, THE LEAP YEARS.

Thai heartthrob – Ananda Everingham, last seen in Shutter (2004) co-starred in this romantic love story with Singapore girl next door – Li Lin. Based on a novella by well-acclaimed writer, Dr Catherine Lim, the story talks about a young Singaporean girl having chance upon her special someone on 29th February. She decides to base her intuition on an Irish leap year tradition that no man will refuse any request of a lady and invites him out for a date. Together, they embark on a romantic journey that spans over 12 years, meeting only thrice in 12 years, on the leap year. The delightful draw being the leap yearly meet-ups is sure to entice the special someone out there in all of us.

Together with a colourful cast of gorgeous ladies and men – Joan Chen, Ananda Everingham, Li Lin, Qi Yu Wu, Vernetta Lopez, Nadya Hutagulung – THE LEAP YEARS aims to capture the fascinating sensibilities and the essence of life in contemporary Singapore.


My version…

Movie features Joan Chen, Ananda Everingham, Qi Yi Wu (715) and Wong Li Lin. Wong Li Lin plays the role of ‘Li-Ann’, the younger version of Joan Chen. 715 played Li-Ann’s friend, KS, who likes her. But Li-Ann has treated KS as friends only. Li Ann has a sweet and amazing and ‘unbeliveable’ and heart-breaking encounters with Ananda (Jeremy) on 29th February.

  • 1st Leap Year (first time) – 2 hrs of encounters only has binded them closely together. They promised to meet again same time, same place and same date (that is 4 years later)
  • 2nd Leap Year – with no news from Jeremy, it is difficult to keep to the promise that seems unrealistic.. but Li-Ann perservered. Their feeling for each other was so strong…. but Jeremy told Li-Ann he had a daughter. Li-Ann told him she wanted out
  • 3rd Leap Year – Jeremy was waiting for Li-Ann at usual place. Li-Ann passby and lied to him she had married – stopping him to give any explaination..
  • 4th Leap Year – Li-Ann was marrying another guy that day… but KS managed to get hold of Jeremy’s letter to Li-Ann… (knowin that Li-Ann is not happy, her heart belongs somewhere else)…. So he read it during Li-Ann’s wedding march-in. Li-Ann has found the answers she wanted to know since she met Jeremy and knew that she still love him… So they are finally together…. happily ever after… =)
  • Many Leap Years later – Jeremy was in comma for some period… and on this day, he wake up… fulfilling his promise to meet her always on the Leap Year!

Few notes I get from this movie – being single – it takes courage and many efforts to resist the temptation to just settle down with any guy/girl… And if we are Li-Ann, how many of us are that strong-willed and have this faith to wait for an ‘unknown’ guy, whom u interacted only for 2 hrs, for 4 years … think most of us will just choose the easy way ….

Posing at Cathay Cineleisure with the gigantic “The Leap Years” poster


Us at The Cathay Cineplex (after movie)… Yes the girls said they did not know me!! *paiseh* (lose face.. embarrassing!!!) they said!!! haha lol

The Cathay Cineplex

Finally finishing this great day at Billy Bombers for Nachos & strawberry milkshakes.

It wrotes here – ‘Elvis Eats Here

Bill Bombers

Thanx everyone for the great sunday!! =)

A sweet compilation on this day by my cousin



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