Decisions.. decisions

15 03 2008

juskawaime has lots of stuffs to think and decide *sianz* Here are 2 main ones:

(1) Should I go for USA for holiday and relative-visiting??

It kinds of clashes with my original plan to save $$ for this year…. since such a trip may cost easily more than $4k….


Which do you go for???

Life is short – Play hard (or u will regret!) You only live once!!


Life is short (and fragile and unexpected) – Save well (for rainy days) and spend well (only on necessary stuffs – be practical)

What do you think??

All the while, I was intending to plan to go… coz can attend cousins’ wedding, visit relatives and at the same time, do some sight-seeing.. Never really been to USA.. My last trip and only trip to USA was in year 2000 with my church mates for Winter Training Conference in Anaheim. Didn’t also managed to go for any sight-seeing then… spent time only at the church training… haha…

If I do go.. need to decide also what to do and where to go… and plan for our itinerary.. Jo wants to go for Hot Air Balloon… and maybe Grand Canyon…?? LA?? Seattle?? Arizona??? Contiki has some plan

But then, I thought.. I will not die if I didn’ t go to USA isn’t it??? Plus, there are also lots of place I didn’t visit or go in Singapore as well… So…??? Save $$ more important… isn’t it???


I dunno …

Let me think abt it first … need to come to a conclusion by end of March..

(2) Shall I move place or stay put??

My landlord’s sister has told me last week that they want to increase our current rental by $1k…. *GOSH* *shocked state* -___-“” From $1500 to $2500 … that is like 66% increase men!! Madnesss…. My salary input has also never increase 66% in past 6 years (accumulative!!!) -_____-“” *GOSH* Not to mention that my salary input has (of course) never increase 66% in one year!!! o__O Now with my rental’s HUGE increase, inflation is really something I am experiencing/suffering…. *sigh*

So my 2nd issue that is cracking my head now is should I stay at current place? Or should I move?? U know lar.. moving is hassle … but then if the $$ difference is a lot… perhaps I should also move… Landlady’s sister did say we can negotiate and tell them our offer.. but then… we never know what price they will goo for …

And eventually, there are other issues we/I need to settle for if we decide to stay … Like to settle the rental among ourselves… to agree on the increase of the rental … and also to look for new tenant(s) to move in (since someone is relocating to Malaysia) ….. a bit sianz to settle all these…

Perhaps to move out is better… can really clear up some of my stuffs, and those rubbish at home… But of course, there are other issues to consider if I move out too… like if I do move, shall I move alone?? Or should I stay with my cousins?? Or shall I move to a place with owner staying (normally maybe cheaper??) ?? Or whether new place is convenient (to work)… or if new room is big enough to place my stuffs…. etc etc etc *sigh* headacheeeee

What do you think???

Anyone to recommend good lobang for rental?? Pls drop me a line! Thanx =)

Am looking at Toa Payoh, Hougang, Eunos, East if I move alone or with my current housemates…




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