Congrats Daryl & Estelle!

16 03 2008

Dedicating this post entry to Daryl and Estelle! =)

The customary wedding dinner of colleague Daryl and his beautiful wife Estelle at Hilltop Garden Restaurant, located at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club, Crystal Ballroom on 8th March 2008 (Sat).

Imagine having a sumptuous meal while enjoying splendid scenery at the same time. Set atop Bukit Batok hill, the newly opened Hilltop Garden Restaurant combines an excellent location with more options for your dining pleasures. Hilltop capacity Hall A: 55, Hall B:38, 2nd Level 1 to 2 Ballrooms range from 20 to 50 Tables, 4th Level Ballroom 62 Tables. ..

Happy couple – Handsome and witty Daryl & dazzling and pretty Estelle

We were in the 4th level – that grand place can accommodate 58 tables …o__O Very big indeed.. however there was not much room (free/extra space) to play around then…. Luckily the aisle was spacious enough for the bride and the groom to walk their wedding march.. =)

Theme of the wedding nite was Oriental. Cheongsam came alive, ‘Cheena’ music for 1st & 2nd march-in, groom ‘waving’ to audiences as they walked in (a bit comical I thought… hoohoo) …. and I think they walked too fast also (maybe afraid not much time left – since they had so much tables (for photo-taking later).. .. and coz they walked too fast in first march-in … I was not able to capture any good photos for first one)

Happy Groom & Bride in their 2nd march-in


Food was very good.. I would say.. though some said that food was so so… But maybe I liked most of the dishes in the menu, plus the portions were really generous (maybe a little ‘tiny wee’ too much =p I am not complaining… it just means that I can eat much more.. but then.. there was limited space in my stomach after all.. coz there were 9 dishes in total!!) I remembered attending another Church sister’s wedding in this place also in New Year’s eve, 31-12-06… but it was in 2nd level ballroom *Gosh* time flies!! .. Food, then, was also great! *thumbs up*

There were 10 dishes in the menu.. including Chinese Tea (Tea is also a dish mehh…?? =p) I particularly like the photos of these dishes — shark’s fin, asparagus and prawn .. My fav food will be YAM paste.. coz I like ‘oh ni’… yummmy *slurrp*….. I like all of them.. in fact! =D hoohooohooo

2nd dish – Sharks’ fin – taken by Steven

Sharks’ Fins

6th Dish – Cereal Prawn

7th Dish – Scallop and Asparagus

1st Dish - Combination Platter 3rd dish - Chicken 4th dish - Fish

5th Dish - Broccoli 8th Dish - wrapped rice 9th Dish - Yam

From here, I have learned that one is never too young to toast!! haha JunYing was clinging to HS throughout the whole night… as he wanted to be with the ‘boss’ (老板)!! hahaa cute… he was like saying….I wanna sit with boss, I wanna take photo with boss… I wanna toast with boss… interesting =)

Cheers!! =) 3 men & one boy – giving a toast to the groom & bride!!

I am really happy that Daryl can found such a pretty, happy-go-lucky,friendly, sweet and 爽快 ‘shuang kuai’ wife! =)

Daryl is the colleague who likes to say ‘cold jokes’ sometime.. __-“” hahahaa (at least to me) but he is very organized, committed and he is our office’s highflyer!! When I first met/knew Estelle, really like her character… not that I am saying I know her very well… but sometimes…. u know….at first encounters, u can feel whether u can click with this person or not…

Thank you for the invitation and the wonderful time!! Though there was not much time to play tricks on the groom and bride!! Heyy…. that was what you two wished for is it!?!?! huh!! =p Hereby wishing you two happily ever after!! Great wishes!! Jia you for the family planning yeah!! =D

juskawaime + pretty bride + handsome groom



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