Spree Shopping

22 03 2008

Spree… always wanna explore this form of shopping… but it is not so easy as I fancy… but perhaps it is not that difficult as I thought… all we need are good instructions and a GO! hahaa!!

Below is a tip on Spree from Bing:

Why NOT to join Sprees

If the item you buy arrive in wrong size or a complete wrong item, there is no way you can exchange. Most sites require you to pay for shipping and its not worth to get it exchanged. Might as well sell it off.

Remember that pink ASOS dress I bought for wedding dinner in May. It arrived in the wrong size. I spent $80 bucks on it. Polyester bag states M but dress inside is S. I nearly fainted from shock today. Last straw came when organiser reply that she threw away the returns invoice! *heart attack*

Im still waiting for reply frm ASOS. Its their fault lor they better give me a satisfactory answer.
Luckily I never wait for my clutch to arrive to combine postage so i can rectify the problem earlier.
Veronica is nice again to help me sell it to her friend, who is paying me on Tuesday.


I’ve received questions regarding how to spree online from afew friends.So I thought by posting on my blog, you will understand more about it.The benefits of buying online rather than in stores!

WHY spree?

  • Its alot cheaper than in store. ALOT.
  • You do not have to walk till your legs break just to find that something you like.
  • Its convenient, payment through fund transfer
  • Organiser do the follow up for you, and the next thing you know, item appears in your mail!
  • Many pple buy together will enjoy shipping savings rather than you buy alone.

WHERE to find sprees?

Usually I find them in livejournal communities which hosts sprees. These are monitored by afew moderators to make sure that there is no spam or cheat cases. Spree organisers provide private details to the moderators and only when they are approved are they allowed to post a spree.
These are some communities site…
**You need a Livejournal account to post order! Join these communites first!**

The first 2 sites are more established and organisers there are less likely to run away with your $, but the sprees there also close very quickly due to good response. The 3rd site usually contain blogshops which post to sell expensive apparels so you need to know how to filter them, those are expensive. The last 2 are up and coming, and sprees dont close so quickly, can give it a try. 🙂

HOW to join?

  • Once you enter the communities, you’ll see many posts on different sprees.
  • Click on one which you’re interested in to get into the spree page.
  • The person who post it will be the spree organiser, her account and nickname is on top left hand corner.
  • Usually, they’re required to give a feedback link, to display their credibility, this is impt, check it out to see if she’s reliable!
  • Spree details are given: READ thoroughly. Things such as shipping and distribution is very impt. Sometimes, they include discount the spree site is offering too. If its a good bargain, you have to act fast, fastest fingers first.
  • Upon understanding details, shop on the spree webpage link (eg Forever21) and decide what you want to buy. This’s the most enjoyable process!
  • Come back to the spree page. Post your orders in the given format. Pay by IBanking and post transaction reference together with order post.
  • Different organisers do updates differently. Get this info from the spree page details.
  • Wait for your loots to arrive! 🙂

TIPS on choosing the right stuff

  • Not all stuff online are good bargains, but most are, you must know how to filter. It comes with experience.
  • Sizing is a problem. Most sites provide an accurate size chart. But generally, Taiwan apparels are smaller in cutting, American apparels are bigger. Know how to gauge. It also comes with experience.
  • Pictures speak a thousand words, but some items may arrive in bad quality. Zoom in on the pictures if possible to see the fabric material. Or read description to expect the texture on your clothes. Most online sites provide beautiful/heavily photoshopped pictures to hook you into buying.
  • Note shipping costs. Taiwan sprees cost ard $3+ per item. American sprees maybe more expensive – $4 to $7. Depends. Take extra care, you do not want to get a real bargain, but spend heaps on shipping! Most sprees decide shipping cost by weight too. Shoes or bags maybe charged as 3 items = More expensive shipping!

TIPS on how not to get cheated

  • Most sprees entitles the organiser to 50cents handling fee. Not more than that.
  • If shipping end up to be ridiculously expensive, dont be afraid to ask organiser for a print-screen of the shipping quotation. They are obliged to show you.
  • Opt for registered post if items are too expensive. Safer and organiser needs to provide you a tracking number, which proves that they did mail it out. They are not responsible if item gets lost by normal mail!
  • Look at feedback carefully. Do not join if you think organiser is incompetent.
  • If its a supplier spree (those without a reference website), only join if you’re agreeable on the prices. You never know if organiser is earning from it.
  • Extra costs might be incurred. For eg: Some Taiwan sites dont ship internationally, you need an agent (middleman) and you’ve to pay him. OR Some organisers pay by Paypal or EZPay (taiwan version of paypal), there is additional charges. OR Some american sites ship free within US. So you need an agent (Vpost/Comgateway) to ship it to organiser’s house, and you’ve to pay them for shipping.

TERMS we use in spree

  • OOS – out of stock
  • Items/Units – Usually do not refer to how many things you buy, but the shipping units you are going to incur. Read details carefully.
  • ALT – Alternative if you item goes oos
  • DNB – Used under the alt blank, indicates do not buy if out of stock

Other TIPS to spree successfully

  • Be fast. Dont fickle. Some sprees close while you are still shopping. The girls can be very scary.
  • Have your IBanking device next to you always.
  • Take note of spree cap. Once the cap is reached, organiser wont take in anymore orders (This is to evade GST). Some take eons to refund you. Be careful.
  • LASTLY, enjoy the whole process. It comes with practise and before you know it, you realise you dont shop in our pathetic daylight robbery malls anymore! 😀

There are other places to shop online (esp blogshops/online stores), but usually, they are making a profit and its no difference from buying in malls. Furthermore, they also get their stocks from online sites (which you can get from sprees). Thus, sprees are still the optimum choice!

Now that i finish this post, I realise that spreeing is an ART. lol.
Other spree experts may add on to things which i may miss out. hee.

Hope someone benefit from reading this! 🙂





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