Christopher Proposed to Fann

29 04 2008

I was notified by a colleague on my way to airport to BKK last wed….

SL: “Ehh.. ur idol is getting married!”

juskawaime: “Really? Good! How do you know?”

SL: “From”

And this is what I got from searching..

I am of course happy for Fann Wong =)

Congratulation Fann Wong and Christopher Lee =)

Extract from the reporting below:


Just like the way he planned the proposal. Christopher described how he went on bended knee to ask Fann on the second day of Chinese New Year, in front of some 20 people, including her family and their friends.

She said yes – of course.

The actor enlisted the help of good friend David Gan to get the perfect ring – a $50,000 two-carat solitaire with tiny diamonds around its platinum band.

Fann Wong Christopher Lee

Fann Wong opens up about her plans to marry Christopher Lee
I’d like to marry the traditional way

By Chang May Choon

April 26, 2008    
NO, they aren’t sure when they will marry.


But Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are sure it will not be a shotgun wedding.

Pregnancy rumours had surfaced recently, after a supposed sighting of the actress ordering milk in a French restaurant.

Speaking to The New Paper on Wednesday, the slender Fann laughed and said she has been teased mercilessly by her co-workers while filming a Channel 8 drama.

‘Actually my baby has already been born and we’re throwing a first-month party for it in Studio 6,’ she added mischievously.

She is referring to the MediaCorp studio where she will be filming indoor scenes from next month. She plays a mentally disturbed career woman, opposite Pierre Png.

Fann, 37, likes children, but it does not bother her that pregnancy gets harder after age 35. ‘I’m already past that, so what difference does a few more years make?’

Of course, a few more years can make a difference, but never mind.

Marriage, she said, ‘is an important phase in life, so we must plan it well and not be too casual’.

While she finds shotgun weddings acceptable, ‘it doesn’t mean I’m going to practise it’.

She said: ‘I like to do things one step by one step, and I like to go the traditional way.’


When asked about shotgun weddings at a separate media conference yesterday, Christopher, 37, burst out laughing. He said: ‘You might as well kill me!

‘We won’t let it happen. It’s not that I can’t accept the idea – at this age, even if you get pregnant first and then get married, it’s still a joyous occasion. It’s a matter of your maturity level.

‘But we’re both the sort who plan ahead, so we’d only do what we have planned.’


Just like the way he planned the proposal. Christopher described how he went on bended knee to ask Fann on the second day of Chinese New Year, in front of some 20 people, including her family and their friends.

She said yes – of course.

The actor enlisted the help of good friend David Gan to get the perfect ring – a $50,000 two-carat solitaire with tiny diamonds around its platinum band.

Yet, Fann’s hands were conspicuously bare when she met the local media on Wednesday to promote her new film Dance Of The Dragon.

Why wasn’t she wearing the ring?

We couldn’t get Fann to comment by press time. But David, who said he’s only seen Fann wearing her engagement ring once at a dinner recently, reckons she keeps it hidden when she’s at work.

‘She’s probably keeping it in her Hermes bag,’ the celebrity hairstylist told The New Paper.

‘Or she dare not wear it because the one I’m going to give her is much bigger,’ he added in jest.

David, who dabbles in jewellery design, said he bought two four-carat heart-shaped rings in 2001. He gave one to Caldecott queen Zoe Tay when she got married, and he has been keeping the other for Fann’s big day.

He also intends to buy Fann a diamond tiara for her wedding.

When Christopher approached David for help to pick out a few diamond rings late last year, the latter decided to draw three or four designs himself, with Fann’s ‘very small hands’ in mind.

The rings were then made by a jeweller in Barcelona.

Showing the finished products to Christopher, David said he was ‘quite surprised’ when the actor picked the most expensive ring.

‘My rings are very expensive,’ he said, ‘he’s so generous.’

David said Christopher intends to buy ‘another bigger diamond’ for their wedding.

Earlier reports had speculated that the couple had picked 28 Dec for their big day, but both Fann and Christopher denied this.

Christopher said they had not started to plan yet.

And it would be Fann’s elder sister’s wedding on 28 Dec.

Once the decision is made though, the couple promised they would announce it to the public.

But when this reporter suggested that Fann hold a press conference, she blushed and fanned her face.

‘That’s too exaggerated!’

Fann had revealed, in the latest edition of Her World magazine, that Christopher had proposed and she had accepted. ‘It was quite romantic,’ she added, without giving details.


Christopher, however, was glowing with joy when asked how he popped the question.

‘I wanted to give her a surprise, but all the dates I picked, I found out she’s either working or not in Singapore,’ he said. ‘It’s not intentional, but I was left with no choice but Chinese New Year, where everyone would be around.’

While he prepared the ring with David’s help, he was unable to find a bouquet of flowers to complete the romantic picture.

‘Without her knowing, my friends and I were looking for flowers all over Singapore, but not one (florist) was open (during the festive period),’ he lamented.

Still, he got down on one knee and proposed to Fann during a big gathering at a friend’s house, with Fann’s family members also present.

‘She was shy but very touched. That’s why she accepted my proposal… We were both very happy.’



29 04 2008

Sa wa dee ka!

That is greeting in Thai language..

But this is normally used/said by ladies…. for guys, all need to end with “krap” so it was “Sa wa dee krap”

Something like “Konichiwa” in Japanese or “ni hao” in Chinese or “Hi/Hello” in English or “Guten Tag” in German.. See more here

“Yes.. we r in BKK!! Yuhuu!!” (1st Pic) “Sawadeeka” with McDonald Uncle (2nd Pic)

Yes .. I am in BKK! SawaDEEka

Looking forward to BKK trip

21 04 2008

Yes… I am going Bangkok (BKK) this wed..  YuuHHuuuu

Will be there … mainly for foodie, shopping and massaageee

Anyone has good places to recommend?? =)

My last BBK trip was like ….  end of Sept 2005 … time flies .. it is already 2 1/2 yrs away…  No wonder I cannot remember any of the Thai words that we learnt the other time… like “How much is this?”, “Very expensive, can cheaper?”, “numbers..”, etc etc Will have to pick up again this time … hahaa

Been to BKK  2x I think… Once is staying at Hotel, once is staying over at deep-sixed’s place. She was working at BKK then… I think both trip were with Jo..  This time round will be with Jo again!! haha with Jo, Josephine and 2 Josephine’s colleagues. Jo’s colleague may also join us there in BKK..  Wahh sounds like a bigg group…  Hope everything turns out well.. =)

Will wanna check with deep-sixed again where to go for cheap shopping and good massage… since she was there for solid 1-2years…   Will surely go for Chatuchat (Weekend Market) and MBK (Mua Boon Khong) for Bra.. haha normally we bought at the Sogo there ..  Some friends also ‘ordered’ some bras… hopefully they have their sizes and we can get good deals in the end… =)

I remembered reading at BryanWong blog regarding his trip to BKK.. In his posts (Part I and Part II), he shared some of his favourite food places…. at that time, I was telling myself… I will like to go to those places too if I had a chance to go BKK…. And now, this is the opportunity!! Hopefully, I can find the place .. and had the time to go there… *yeah*

Below are extracts from his posts and some of the comments left in his posts:

“My very first lunch in Bangkok which consist of a plate of healthy “Som Tum”,which is papaya salad and a delectable bowl of Pork noodles,done in the same fashion like beef noodles in singapore. I think the best som tum is from ‘Ortokor” market right across chak tuk chak…and i think ortokor market is absolutely amazing.However, since this time i did not manage to stay for the weekend, som tum anywhere would do….

Chicken Rice…some say that only in Singapore that you find the most amazing Chicken rice..however, i beg to differ.. This chicken rice stall sits in a cramped up little spot just in front of Burger King along Silom road (Saladeang) only after ten pm in the evenings. This is my staple food in BKK(bangkok)..I wouldn’t feel that i am really in bkk if i did not have my usual two servings of this chicken rice..why two you might question..simple..first of all it is too delicious to be true, secondly,the servings are pretty small and most importantly,好事成双!!! I might be biased though,as i have patronised this stall for many years and they have never ever let me down..You can choose to have it uncuthmm,i mean ..with the skin or without the skin..hmm..anyway, the chilli ..aroy MAK!!!!

On this trip i discovered another delicious stall that i would now add to my list of food that i die die have to eat while i am in BKK. Just along the same stretch of road, barely three metres away, is a “Kway Chup” stall that’s been there for donkey years whose presence has never been acknowledged by yours sincerely by however, this trip i am feeling rather porky and after whooping down two plates of chicken rice, i decided to have a bowl of kway chup and it ended up looking like this…..

Health Land” is where you should go to be strong and healthy! Nestled away along the famous atas “Sathorn” road, this is the place to rest your ravaged body!

Bryan commented: “One of the best location to stay in bkk would be the siam square could try the Pathuwan Princess hotel, which is located right next to mbk shopping mall .Other hotels around the area would be the Intercontinental hotel opp the four face buddha or the holiday Inn which is located right next to the Intercontinental… However, the rates for these hotels are pretty much on the high side as they are located at the prime areas. One of the more affordable hotel around the area would be a hotel formerly known as the Swiss arnoma hotel and also, the tallest hotel in bkk the Baiyoke sky hotel. Recently, a good friend of mine namely the mermaid went to bkk and she stayed in a hotel in Bangrak, which is near to the river/chinatown and they have a promotion of staying two nights get a night free thingy and the hotel boast a restaurant located sky high on the top floor called Sirrocco.. Perhaps you could call Farmosa Travels in singapore for details..Have a pleasant trip krup…”

Charis commented: “the next time you come to BKK you should try the som tam at this shop called “raan som tam nua” (literally means the shop of papaya salad). It is opposite Siam Paragon in one of the alleys and the som tam sold there aroy mak mak. Have to be patient though, you might have to wait up till half an hour to eat in that restuarant =)”

Happy Birthday Jenny!

21 04 2008

20th April 2008

This post is dedicated to my dear gf, Jenny! It was her lovely birthday, so we decided to have a mini-birthday celebration and gathering at Shokudo Food Bazaar, しょくどう, located at Raffles City, #B1-44E. しょくどう means Canteen or dining area in Japanese.  Shokudo is quite popular and packed.. Queue is normally long.. so with previous experiences heard from others, we were there quite early to beat the queue =)

Jo with Shokudo board sign at entrance


Shokudo has the concept like Marche, there is this Shokudo card, which is like ur ID in the restaurant. Everyone entering Shokudo will be given this card, and you will buy food using ur card, and eventually pay at the cashier. Losing your card will meant paying $100 fine, so i guess if u want to ‘cheat’, you can try to eat more than $100 for a card, then perhaps it will ‘worth it’! hahaa =p

Showing off Shokudo card (to buy food) and Reserved piece (to ‘chop’/reserve table)

Shokudo Card Reserved 

It is juskawaime‘s first time there. Jenny’s 2nd time there. Jo’s 3rd time there.. hahaa 123…  But seems that the impression is not that fantastic.. food are ok, so-so .. and quite expensive.. We had total $66.85 for 3 of us..  including 10% Service Charge and 7% GST… We had:

  • 2x Ice Orcha (Bottled green tea) $7.80
  • Mushroom & Becon Carbonara $10.80 (Quite not bad)
  • Hokkaido-style Potato Curry Pizza $7.80 (Not very fantastic)
  • Rosti with Hamburg $8.80 (Normal)
  • Yasai Kakiage Fritter $4
  • Renkon (Lotus Root) Tempu $4 (Not bad, 5-6pieces only though)
  • Salmon & Egg Rice Bowl $6.80 (I likeee..)
  • Mango Kakigoi $6.80 (BEST!!)

Happy girls with many foodiieees

Girls and Foodie  bdgal and foodie 

Well food is important, but that is secondary this time coz we were there also to celebrate Miss Jenny’s birthday.. Ahem.. lets keep the age a secret *wink*, so we decided to surprise her with a mini donut from J.C.O (Banana and Choco donut) for her birthday cake…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear!! *muack*

Happy Birthday Jenny

Singing birthday song and wishing Jenny forever happy, healthy, wealthy and find Mr. Right soon/fast! =)

This is the 2nd highlight of the night!! Mango Kakigoi… Mango Ice Dessert!! YUMMMYY!! *slurrp* Just look at the generous ingredients … yeah for the cost of $6.80

Happy us with our yummy mango!

Yummy Mango Kakigoi bdgal and yummy Mango 

Hope Jenny enjoyed herself this night! =)

Dearie, may all your birthday wishes come true!! =D


20 04 2008

Do you know what your chinese name means??

Just for fun, try this test yourself =)




Mellben Crab feast & Wii

19 04 2008

12th April 2008

5 of us girls went to Mellben Crab feast, followed by mahjong and wii game at Jenny’s place..

Crab feast at Mellben Seafood Place (Blk 232, AMK Ave 3)…. Yummy…. We had 5 dishes for 5 of us, abt $127 total. I like the Crab Noodle Soup… *slurrppp*

Yummy spread

Yummy Mellben foodie

First dish, We had potato leaves (fan shu ye) in sambal… (S$8/-)

2nd dish – 10 fried buns for dipping into crab sauce (S$4/-)

3rd dish – Nesteum Cereal Prawn. There was only 5 pieces… one each only… =( (S$15/-)

4th dish – Crab butter (1 medium size)

5th dish – Crab noodle soup (1 middle size). Both crabs are S$98.80

Crab noodle soup will be our most delicious food of all… I drank 3 bowls of the soup..  nice, not very jelat…

Mellben Crab Noodle Soup

Happy girls…

happy girls

Followed by Wii Game and Mahjong at fren’s place.. Wii is funn…. we had great time playing, laughing… hahaaa =D Thanx HJ for sharing and bringing her colleague’s Wii for us…

See how much fun, laughter and stomachache (from laughing too much) they are having!! hahaa

playing Wii

Photo-taking while they are engrossed in their Wii game..

us girls

Finally, after sweating it out in Wii games… yes… can get very tiring and sweaty playing those Rabbit games (some stupid games also), we had 2 rounds of Mahjong games… Yes, I was the biggest winner.. hahaa but only won few dollars lar…

My nice winning mahjong tiles


Fried Corned beef w potato

17 04 2008

Yeah.. that is one of the dishes I learnt from my housemate..

Erven has cooked this fried corned beef before.. and I really liked it .. so one day, I bought all the necessary ingredients and decided to learn the cooking methods… If juskwaime can cook this, everyone can also cook this dish too… haha =)

Firstly, you need (1) potato – cut them into small cubes and fried them..

Next you need (2) big green chillis

then u cut them using scissors .. no need to cut too small.. Amt of chillis depend on you.. Big green chilli is not that spicy…

We will also need (3) Corned beef (we used Libby’s Corned beef)

Then we need (4) some garlic and red onion.. cut them like below

Fried the potato until it is crispy brown.. then place them aside…

Then start another fried pan with some oil, placing the garlic, onions and chillis together. (seems like lots of chilli, but it is not that spicy, and it tastes good this way..)

Wait till they are almost cooked, place the canned corned beef into it… Smashed the beef and made them blend well…

After few mins when the beef is cooked, place in the potato…

Stirred for a while, and it is ready…. Eat with rice.. *lagi best* Hullaaallaaa =D *slurrppp*

Try cooking this dish… and let me know =)

Happy trying =D

GST Offset Package & Growth Dividends

16 04 2008

Have you received the letter from CPF board on this GST Offset package that was introduced by the Government in Budet 2007?

Check for it… coz it means $$

This package includes the GST Credits and Senior Citizens’ Bonus for year 2007-2010, to help Singaporeans cope with the 2% GST increase from 1st July 2007. In Budget 2008, the Government also announced that it will share part of its surplus by giving Growth Dividends to Singaporeans..

There will be 3 payments in total. Growth Dividends is spilt into 2 payments. Date of payment will be 30th April 2008 and 1st Oct 2008. GST credits will be paid on 1st July 2008..

I was given $500 this time….

For more details, go to and


16 04 2008

Cannot resist to capture this auspicious number of my blog stats..

hahaa thanx for everyone’s  continous support.. =) WeeEEeee =D


HUUUAAAATT ahhh *wink* =D

Dream fulfilled with Fann Wong

15 04 2008

I was having team building last Friday at-Sunrise and Legends (will blog abt it later) … To my delight, I was fortunate to bump into Fann Wong in the morning, they were having shot-scene in Fort canning there.. (think it should be the drama that Jackson is acting in also…. my guess). She was sitting down, reciting her script and waiting for her turn (i guess) …. so I pluck my courage…. and went to ask if I can take photo with her and also shake hands with her…. *blissful & smiley me* *wide grin*

with Fann Wong

I was like a little girl.. hoohoohoo

Here was our conversation… we spoke in chinese/mandarin.. =)

Me: Hi Fann Wong, I really like you, Can I take photo with you?

FW: Eh… ok (She was hesistant in beginning, coz there was a group of us there.. she thought everyone wanted to take photo… she didn’t wanna create commotion and disturb the acting scenes)

Me: Thank you…

We took 2 photo shots.. only 1 looked ok.. coz after 1shot, Fann Wong said cannot use flash (maybe afraid that it will affect the drama scenes that was acting at one side..) So with no flash, it really take a steady hand to get a clear pic.. so my 2nd pic is blurr… *sianz*

Me: I really like you, pls continue to jia you.. *smiles* (offering my hand out to her… and shake her hands)..

FW: Thank you.  (She smiles back..)

She looked pale… and she is v thin… dunno if it was the image of her character in the drama… or if it was too early in the morning… 9am….  or if she is always this thin and pale… Maybe has to be that ‘white’ so it will look pretty and nice on tv… but still it brighten my day for being able to see her in real person and have close encounter (even though it is very brief) with her…

Jo said.. “Woah!! You finally met her and took pictures with her!! Dreams fulfilled!”

Hahaa … coz I always tell Jackson.. if he gets to see Fann Wong, must let Fann Wong that I like and love her.. hahaaa lol =p

Yes.. Dream fulfilled with Fann Wong…. *smile*

Only pity is… I look ugly and fat in the photo… *sobs*… *sigh*

Acting scene at Fort Canning, Ou Xian was at background..

Acting scene at Fort Canning

Fly Me To Beijing 奥游北京

14 04 2008

If you have not been to Beijing or have the opportunity to visit Beijing for this year Olympic game, perhaps you can still enjoy the atmostphere there and the olympic icons by watching this variety show at home, starting from last week.. every Friday, 8.30pm.. Envy Jackson for able to go this trip for free! Being paid somemore… hahaa =)


2008年4月11日启播 每逢周五 晚上8时30分
主持人: 林湘萍、陈邦鋆、杨伟烈、陈侠中 、陈泂江
才华师姐林湘萍带领“才华四少”– 陈邦鋆、杨伟烈、陈侠中、陈泂江一起赶搭“奥运列车”,带你用不同的角度游北京!四位新秀继比赛后首次合作,等你来评分!

Fly Me To Beijing
Every Fri, 8.30pm

Joined by Yvonne Lim, Star Search 2007 finalists Andie Chen , Jerry Yeo, Tan Sia Chong and Desmond Tan will each helm a different aspect of travel in this travelogue looking at the fresh look Beijing is taking on for the Olympics.

From April 11, 2008, every Fri @ 8.30pm
Total no. of episodes: 4

The ancient city of Beijing takes on a fresh look in preparation for the Olympics and with the global focus on the Beijing Olympics in 2008, this travelogue will be very timely and an appropriate platform to showcase this new look.

The four male finalists from Star Search 2007 reunite for the first time in this travelogue and they will each helm a different aspect of travel and bring new experiences to the audience.

Jerry Yeo will introduce interesting food; Andie Chen will bring viewers to places of interest related to the Olympics; Tan Sia Chong will discover the kind of activities that have sprung up in preparation of the event; and lastly, Desmond Tan will check out the drinking scene from tea houses, boutique cafés, coffee houses to the nightlife of Beijing.

Their ‘senior’ Yvonne Lim, a frequent traveler to Beijing, is familiar with this cosmopolitan ancient city. Her role therefore is to ‘judge’ which of these four finalists possesses the most charisma and is most adapt at their given tasks of bringing out the vibrancy of Beijing.

Source, Source

Rong Kai + Rong De

11 04 2008

Visited Deric and his family during the CNY..

2nd time – seeing his youngest son – Rong De . The first time is when he was just born in the hospital… Time flies.. now, he can sit up … Rong Kai was also thinner, perhaps coz he started to go school.. last time, he used to be so chubby soo cute… But this time round, he was also more open and friendly to me, an outsider.. Perhaps he was at ease at home.. =)

Deric and family

juskawaime and the boys

Wishes Deric and his family – good health and good wealth =)

Keep in touch =D

Cynthia + Rong De + Rong Kai + Deric