ACS BBQ Gathering

1 04 2008

15th March 2008

It was an impromptu BBQ gathering.. was suggested by YF & Steven…

Then the invitation was extended to other colleagues in ACS group..

Even with short notice, the turnout was still quite good..

We have eventually 13 colleagues and ex-colleagues coming… together with their wife/hubby & family – total turn up was 21 adults and 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls – from 3 couples)… A very balanced group… the children have companions, the wives + hubbies can chit chat, the rest can BBQ & catch up… heheee =)

Enjoying chicken wings, satay, beehun, chicken curry, hotdogs, otah ..etc…


The children (older ones) soon become great friends… holding hands…. running here and there… Guess they enjoyed themselves very much. My colleagues shared with me that their daughters were saying like…. “BBQ was fun, I like BBQ, when are we going to BBQ again??” =D

My 3 colleagues’ oldest child – KaiKai, QinQin and QiQi

Kai Qin Qi

The children gang!! We have Rong Kai, Rong De, Leann, Raeann, Yu Qin and Jia Kai (missing in action in this photo)

Children Gang

Finally late at night, some of us went up to Steven’s place to 参观参观 ‘chan guan’ (look, look, see see) … His house has high ceilings, fantastic views — windy and neat place!! =)And we managed to do a group photo… missing some of the people (as they went home already)

Eventually, there were 10 left .. we continued with playing card and playing mahjong.. Last group was 4 of us – playing mahjong until abt 2am ( I was the big winner!! *YEAH* =D) We are going to have more mahjong session at his place soon or more regularly… as promised by owner….. Woohoooo =D




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