1 04 2008

I have a confession to make…

MsSheepy gave this to me donkey years ago… and I must say … as I love Jigzaw Puzzle… I am very bad with it as well… not patient and gifted enough.. not like a friend, PorPor =p

With this love-shapped aka Heart crystal puzzle… 3D jizzaw puzzle leh…. the difficulty also increases… I gave up!! after trying to fix it for 1hr plus … I seperate the stuffs into the shapes and numbering… and was stuck in fixing my 2nd piece… hahaa …. hopeless me!! *shake head*

Heart Crystal Puzzle

Just as I was abt to give up… and write this confession entry…. Thanx God for a wonderful colleague, Sally… I happened to mention to her my ‘poor’ condition, and happened that she is quite good/expert in jizzaw puzzle… and most importantly is she agreed to help me place them together!! Guess what… she has completed a mission impossible task (at least to me, it is!! =p) that very evening!! She finished in one night within few tens mins… dun think it is more than 1 hr… cannot remember… Still she fixed it!! *wonderful* =D

Yeah I have a complete Heart crystal shaped love in my office =)

Wooohoooo =D

heart crystal

*happy juskawaime*




One response

1 04 2008

oh gosh, i almost forgotten all about the crystal!! hahaa, nice nice 😉 Hope you will be loved by all your friends and the BIG boss forever 🙂

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