FOC Fringe cut!

3 04 2008

I had another hair cut yesterday!!

Nope I didn’t pay any cent …. so don’t start nagging me abt spending/wasting $$

My last hair cut was on 23rd Feb 2008 by Ritz of Estique Saloon.. It is already abt 5 weeks since then.. and my hair has grown longer… esp the fringe. Originally, the fringe is already quite long.. in between my eyebrowns and eyes.. In this way – make my face smaller… Ritz said…  So after 2 weeks, it is already at the eyes’ level… and I guess soon.. it was really covering my eyes… I even started pinning up my fringe (past 2 days) coz it was getting in the way of my vision!! hahaa

Ritz was very professional in offering me free haircut for my fringe. He said just call and check if he is around, and I can drop by anytime to have my fringe cut by him FOC (Free-Of-Charge). Jo and few friends were even mockingly said, “Did Ritz say how many times?? Maybe only once FOC fringe cut!!” They simply cannot believe that there is such free service esp from an Art Director who charge $75 for a hair cut. But believe me.. there is.

Today I had my fringe cut shorter by Ritz, I even double checked with him whether I can still go to him to cut my fringe again next time.. He said, “anytime, just give us a call to check if I am working.. and just drop by if ur in town…” — Sweeeeet… I likeeeee… coz I told him I was contemplating to buy a scissors and cut my own fringe in future when it gets long.. haha He was telling me .. “No, just drop by, I will cut for u…” — This is what I meant by professional extended service. So at least pple are not afraid to go for hairstyle like me…

But this time round, I requested a shorter fringe (slightly above eyebrowns) so it lasts longer and plus I have already kind-of used to my hairstyle already so can accept shorter fringe even if I look ‘tu tu’ (stupid)!! hahaha 

I even told him I blog abt my haircut and him… haha =p =)

So if you are looking for responsible, good hair stylist who will take care of ur hair, style and image and make you pretty pretty…  Go for Ritz! Of course, professional service = professional cost too!! But most imptly, ur must be happy with ur haircut and service =)

Fringe getting longer then…




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