April’s Fool Joke

6 04 2008

I was really shocked when I read this news..

Fann Wong finally admits: “I’m getting married!!” *Exclusive videos!

It turned out ….. APRIL FOOL’s JOKE!! -____-“”

Cheeeyyyy… Only gain I got.. is a video clip of Jackson Tan Sia Chong..  ENjoy! =)

Jackson Tan Sia Chong

April 1, 2008

We have the first-hand scoop on this breaking news, get it before everyone else!!

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee getting hitched and us getting the exclusive revelation? It could only be our wettest dream come true… So to everyone who’s reading this: GOTCHA, it’s April Fools’ Day!!

But don’t leave yet; we’ve still got exclusive videos for you: a bunch of MediaCorp artistes tell us the biggest April Fools’ prank they’ve played on their friends!

Tan Sia Chong: It’s good being big!

Catch sharing of Rebecca Lim, Chen Hanwei and other Star Search guys Andie Chen, Desmond Tan and Jerry Yeo in here.




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