Watching Disney on Ice

6 04 2008

14th March 2008

Yes.. time flies…

It was soon…. the time for us to watch the Disney on ice … almost 2 months from my last blog

Disney On Ice

A colleague gave up one of his ticket (coz he had class to attend) – so cousin invited her classmate – Lesley Prananto. So 4 of us ..girls…  Me+ Yvonne+Lesley+ZQ went to Singapore Indoor Stadium last Friday. I actually ‘sprained’ my neck in morning… went for ‘tie da’ and had my neck and shoulders – ‘ba guan’, so I am glad I can still make it for the show…

It was ZQ & Yvonne’s first time to the Indoor Stadium…

Show started punctually at 7.30pm… the stadium was packed with people already by then… we tried to find our way to our seats in the ‘dark’ since the show has started…  At first from the sitting location, I thought our seats (A13 row 7 no.1-4) will be quite bad.. but it turned out to be quite good seat.. Quite near to the stage, in fact! =) *happy*

Daisy + Donald Duck + Guffy

Donald and Daisy

Yvonne was excited to see her favourite – Donal Duck… haha her camera kept on snapping here and there.. till there was no battery! -___-“” Of course, she was very sad then… so i tried using my ‘limited’ camera and took some photos for her.. effect was not very good but well… that is the best my camera can captured for me…

Eventually we found the show is too short for our likes… we are just abt to warm up our seats.. then there was a 10-20mins break.. so we took time to take photos with other collagues.. who brought their whole family… First time, I saw AndyC’s son & Ong’s youngest daughter…

AndyC with his wife and son & Ong’s youngest daughter

AndyC’s son is handsome little cute boy… doesn’t look like his daddy though hahaahaha He is also very naughty.. tried taking photos of him, but he always managed to look away (not looking at the camera)!! huh!! Only the above photo is the only one with him looking at camera… nice .. =)

Ong with his 2 daughters, taken earlier with the Disney On Ice poster

Photo of Yvonne + Me + ZQ taken in Sg Indoor Stadium during the break.. See the crowds behind us… People Mountain People Sea… hahaa 人山人海

I didn’t realize that there are only 5 Disney stories actually… after I was back from the show… then I realized that this info was actually given in the beginning ( I just didn’t read properly!!) hahaaa… Luckily there was The Little Mermaid (My Favourite!!)… I also like the Peter Pan and the Tinker Bell.. They are flying in the sky…. The 101 Dalmatians… I was impressed with the many dogs in the show… hahaaa The big sister in Lilo & Stitch has fabulous figure!!! *envy*

Videoclip of The Little Mermaid (Sebastian and Ariel) – “Under The Sea”

Flying Peter Pan

Lilo & Stitch

Ending episode – Bye Bye … till we meet again next year

But if I didn’t get the discount tickets – prob I will not go…  or maybe I prefer the princess disney show…. or maybe I have grown up…  haha either way, ZQ and I concluded that we can still go next time with our kids or someone’s kids… then we can openly wave to the people on the show or demonstrating to our children to wave to them …. *grin* =p

Another colleague’s son (in white T-shirt) who had trully enjoyed himself that night… he was always wavying to the disney characters on stage….. *chuckled* … I am sure he was very delighted to see his fav characters.. =)



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