Belated BD Celebration

7 04 2008

22nd March 2008 

Read a review and introduction from, by Singapore based food blogger Leslie Tay, on vegetarian restaurant – The Whole Earth (TWE) so we decided to go for it for Senorita-E‘s post BD celebration =)

The Whole Earth is at 593, Geylang Road, located at Lor 29 and 31. It is on the side of the Upper Changi Rd (from Eunos to Kallang), u will not miss the orange sign-board on your right side. For reservation, 68413319 .

The Whole Earth

At first, we were a bit skeptical abt vegetarian food restaurant, since most of us are meat-eaters..  But since it was Senorita-E birthday celebration, we decided to go based on her taste – vegetarian.. Turned out that we really enjoyed the food over there… Yummy!!

A must try is their Olive Fried Rice and Sambal Battered Oyster Mushrooms.. Actually most of the stuffs we ordered are quite delicious… Really recommend TWE to all!! =)

My favourite – TWE Sambal Battered Oyster Mushrooms
TWE sambal battered oyster mushrooms
Nyonya Curry $14, TWE Vermicelli Mee Suah $6, TWE Olive Fried Rice $6, TWE Broccoli with Monkey Head mushroom $18, TWE Oatmeal Tofu $15, TWE Sambal Battered Oyster Mushrooms $14, TWE Yam Paste and TWE Nourishing Euryale Seed $4.50 each 
nyonya curry  

Happy us with delicious food, great environment..  Reasonable price also … $112 for 6 dishes + drinks + starters + desserts for 4 of us..  Only parking can be a problem here.. but fret not, they provide valet parking, much to our delight (though we didn’t know at first, so we spent quite some time to find parking..)

Happy us with yummmy TWE foodie


happy us with delicious TWE food

TWE Director, Phyllis Ong, was also very friendly and attentive to our needs … Jo even took a stack of her bizcards, wanting to help Phyllis & TWE to distribute to her colleagues… very helpful indeed!

Senorita-E + Jo + Phyllis Ong

After dinner, the birthday gal was blindfold to the next destination…

Obviously she hated it!! hahaha =p Only Jo and deep-sixed were enjoying leading the blindfolded bdgal!


Yes, she was blinded in the car (using my red scarf), and then lead to the building (walked blindfoldedly… I can image how hopeless one can be…) Yes, our next destination is TopOne KTV in Bugis Icon building… Jo and deep-sixed would walk together with Senorita-E slowly to the place, while juskawaime went to the KTV room first and set up the bdcake..

Yess… so that all will be ready when birthday gal arrived…

Surprisee…. =D  Happy Birthday dearie…  *muack*

Video of us singing birthday song to Birthday Girl

Hope birthday gal really like our arrangement..

A birthday kiss from all of us..


Really like this shot of deep-sixed… hahaa

We had fun singing songs.. eating bdcake =) Yes.. always remember the little Red riding hood ya.. =) Dunno why Jo is soo joyful in this shot… hahaa

Photo taken by my camera .. using timer.. hooohoooo

Ohh… TopOne KTV has beautiful wallpaper.. and from deep-sixed’s heard-say, they have big rooms with smoke or disco light that we can play around.. Cool… Too bad, we didn’t experience it this time… maybe next time… But I was not really used to their ‘dian ge’ 点歌 … I will prefer KBox or Partyworld…

Beautiful wallpaper, isn’t it?? =)



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