Fried Corned beef w potato

17 04 2008

Yeah.. that is one of the dishes I learnt from my housemate..

Erven has cooked this fried corned beef before.. and I really liked it .. so one day, I bought all the necessary ingredients and decided to learn the cooking methods… If juskwaime can cook this, everyone can also cook this dish too… haha =)

Firstly, you need (1) potato – cut them into small cubes and fried them..

Next you need (2) big green chillis

then u cut them using scissors .. no need to cut too small.. Amt of chillis depend on you.. Big green chilli is not that spicy…

We will also need (3) Corned beef (we used Libby’s Corned beef)

Then we need (4) some garlic and red onion.. cut them like below

Fried the potato until it is crispy brown.. then place them aside…

Then start another fried pan with some oil, placing the garlic, onions and chillis together. (seems like lots of chilli, but it is not that spicy, and it tastes good this way..)

Wait till they are almost cooked, place the canned corned beef into it… Smashed the beef and made them blend well…

After few mins when the beef is cooked, place in the potato…

Stirred for a while, and it is ready…. Eat with rice.. *lagi best* Hullaaallaaa =D *slurrppp*

Try cooking this dish… and let me know =)

Happy trying =D




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