Looking forward to BKK trip

21 04 2008

Yes… I am going Bangkok (BKK) this wed..  YuuHHuuuu

Will be there … mainly for foodie, shopping and massaageee

Anyone has good places to recommend?? =)

My last BBK trip was like ….  end of Sept 2005 … time flies .. it is already 2 1/2 yrs away…  No wonder I cannot remember any of the Thai words that we learnt the other time… like “How much is this?”, “Very expensive, can cheaper?”, “numbers..”, etc etc Will have to pick up again this time … hahaa

Been to BKK  2x I think… Once is staying at Hotel, once is staying over at deep-sixed’s place. She was working at BKK then… I think both trip were with Jo..  This time round will be with Jo again!! haha with Jo, Josephine and 2 Josephine’s colleagues. Jo’s colleague may also join us there in BKK..  Wahh sounds like a bigg group…  Hope everything turns out well.. =)

Will wanna check with deep-sixed again where to go for cheap shopping and good massage… since she was there for solid 1-2years…   Will surely go for Chatuchat (Weekend Market) and MBK (Mua Boon Khong) for Bra.. haha normally we bought at the Sogo there ..  Some friends also ‘ordered’ some bras… hopefully they have their sizes and we can get good deals in the end… =)

I remembered reading at BryanWong blog regarding his trip to BKK.. In his posts (Part I and Part II), he shared some of his favourite food places…. at that time, I was telling myself… I will like to go to those places too if I had a chance to go BKK…. And now, this is the opportunity!! Hopefully, I can find the place .. and had the time to go there… *yeah*

Below are extracts from his posts and some of the comments left in his posts:

“My very first lunch in Bangkok which consist of a plate of healthy “Som Tum”,which is papaya salad and a delectable bowl of Pork noodles,done in the same fashion like beef noodles in singapore. I think the best som tum is from ‘Ortokor” market right across chak tuk chak…and i think ortokor market is absolutely amazing.However, since this time i did not manage to stay for the weekend, som tum anywhere would do….

Chicken Rice…some say that only in Singapore that you find the most amazing Chicken rice..however, i beg to differ.. This chicken rice stall sits in a cramped up little spot just in front of Burger King along Silom road (Saladeang) only after ten pm in the evenings. This is my staple food in BKK(bangkok)..I wouldn’t feel that i am really in bkk if i did not have my usual two servings of this chicken rice..why two you might question..simple..first of all it is too delicious to be true, secondly,the servings are pretty small and most importantly,好事成双!!! I might be biased though,as i have patronised this stall for many years and they have never ever let me down..You can choose to have it uncuthmm,i mean ..with the skin or without the skin..hmm..anyway, the chilli ..aroy MAK!!!!

On this trip i discovered another delicious stall that i would now add to my list of food that i die die have to eat while i am in BKK. Just along the same stretch of road, barely three metres away, is a “Kway Chup” stall that’s been there for donkey years whose presence has never been acknowledged by yours sincerely by however, this trip i am feeling rather porky and after whooping down two plates of chicken rice, i decided to have a bowl of kway chup and it ended up looking like this…..

Health Land” is where you should go to be strong and healthy! Nestled away along the famous atas “Sathorn” road, this is the place to rest your ravaged body!

Bryan commented: “One of the best location to stay in bkk would be the siam square area..you could try the Pathuwan Princess hotel, which is located right next to mbk shopping mall .Other hotels around the area would be the Intercontinental hotel opp the four face buddha or the holiday Inn which is located right next to the Intercontinental… However, the rates for these hotels are pretty much on the high side as they are located at the prime areas. One of the more affordable hotel around the area would be a hotel formerly known as the Swiss arnoma hotel and also, the tallest hotel in bkk the Baiyoke sky hotel. Recently, a good friend of mine namely the mermaid went to bkk and she stayed in a hotel in Bangrak, which is near to the river/chinatown and they have a promotion of staying two nights get a night free thingy and the hotel boast a restaurant located sky high on the top floor called Sirrocco.. Perhaps you could call Farmosa Travels in singapore for details..Have a pleasant trip krup…”

Charis commented: “the next time you come to BKK you should try the som tam at this shop called “raan som tam nua” (literally means the shop of papaya salad). It is opposite Siam Paragon in one of the alleys and the som tam sold there aroy mak mak. Have to be patient though, you might have to wait up till half an hour to eat in that restuarant =)”




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