2 05 2008

Do u know what surprised me on the way to BKK??

Yes… I saw Angeline, my secondary’s school junior mate…

Wahh… never expect she will be in airline industry… never expect she is a air-stewardess for almost 8 years… She must have joined SQ after she completed ‘A’ level in Serangoon JC.. Jo and Baoling should know her too since they are from Serangoon JC’s Track & Field team..

She is very tall… one of the tallest or almost the tallest junior mate so u can’t miss her… Initially when I spotted her in the plane with her height and smile… I thought I should know this girl… then I tried to see her more clearly when she passed by my seat… That was where she called out my name… Hahaa Yes I recalled and confirmed that she was the very tall junior I had in secondary school’s T&F team… hahaa

Glad she has found something that she likes.. and can see from her always smiling and friendly face, she is suitable in this customer-service line.. always readily servicing people… =)

Yes.. I’m going to be reconnected to her via Facebook… *Yeah* =D

Angeline Us on SQ Flight




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