2 05 2008

Came across quite a number of interesting T-Shirt shops at Bangkok (BKK), JatuJak Weekend Market (Jatujak pronounced as “Chatuchat”)

One is the couple T shirt….  another one is this TKO – MIME

This shop is found in Jatujak Market Section 5 Lock 129 (Front of section5 opposite Section 12) and run by Sila Nimkittikul ( TK ) and Lawan Ekuru ( O ). Both of them set up a company called TKO… Friendly and sweet people…. TK is the artist of all designs of MIME .. the cartoon character..  Nicee…

O, happy customer and TK (extracted from their website)

O, happy customer and TK

One their T-shirt designed (Extracted from website)

T-shirt designed by TK

Cost-wise not so cheap (compared to others), but hey… the design is unique and some are hand-drawn/coloured … Tshirt is also of good quality… So it is still worth it.. Josephine bought quite a few.. while Joanne attacked the next next door’s bag shop – She bought 5 bags from there!! Self-Embroidery bags. Do check it out too if you are there..

Check out TKO cool stuffs in their website! =)

Happy us at their JatuJak shop

TK and us at TKO shop




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