Useful Thai language

3 05 2008

Learning useful Thai Language for bargaining and shopping

This is what I survived on … these few days… managed to get some good deals and create some laughter….

Initially… I printed out some useful tips on Thai numerical values in this Learning_Thai website..

Cardinal Numbers

0 = suun

1 = neung

2 = sorng

3 = sahm

4 = sii

5 = hah

6 = hok

7 = jet

8 = paed

9 = kao

10 = sip

11 = sip-et

12 = sip-sorng

20 = yii-sip

30 = sahm-sip

100 = neung-roy

120 = neung-roy yii-sip

150 = neung-roy hah-sip

180 = neung-roy paed-sip

199 = neung-roy kao-sip kao / roy kao kao

200 = sorng roy

250 = sorng-roy hah-sip

300 = sahm-roy


1000 = neung-phan

Useful Phrase

Hello- “Sawadeeka” (Sawadeekrap)

How much? – “Tou lai?”

Oh.. it is expensive – “Peng”

Not expensive – “Mai Peng”

Cannot – “Mei Dai”

Can – “Dai”

Can cheaper? – “Ro Mai Dai?”

Thank you – “Kop kun ka”

Ahem… I think I looked like a local Thai person.. coz whenever I said, “Tou Lai?” (How much?) They will look at me and answer me with Thai …. In my first 2 trips, I will always like to use Thai to ask them how much instead of English.. coz normally they will give a cheaper price if they think ur also local… local rate i will say.. But most of the time… I cannot comprehend or catch the cost or number or value they said.. so I will ask Jo to ask them again.. this time in English!! hahaa malu… so my main intention is in vain… =p Well slowly slowy u wll get used to it..

Normally the conversation between Shop Assistant (SA) and juskwaime (I) will be like this:

I (pointing/holding the stuff): “Tou lai?” (How much?)

SA: “roy kao kao” (199, for example)

I: “Peng!” (expensive!)

SA: “Mai Peng!” (Not expensive!)

I: “Ro dai mai?” (can cheaper) or “Discount?”

SA: “neung-roy paed-sip” (180)

I: “neung-roy” (100, counter offer)

SA: “Mei dai!” (cannot!)

I: “Dai!” (can! or Can lar!!)

SA: “Mei dai!” (cannot!)

I: “Dai!” (can! or Can lar!!)

I: “ok lar.. neung-roy yii-sip” (120, another counter offer)

SA: “Mei dai!” (cannot!)

I: “Dai!” (can! or Can lar!!)


…… (the ‘fight’ continues)

See who win the arguments lor.. *wink*

Hope this helps =)



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