My niece

4 05 2008

My cousin, Siuping, gave birth to this little beautiful girl on 27th April 2008, 5pm. She weighs 3.5kg, with height 50cm.. =)

They had not really decide or confirm the name of their daugther.. now tentatively is called Kahlan Wong. It is pronounced as “Kay len” or “K len”…  Its meaning is “Strong female leader”..  The father, Tze Chean, likes this character lead from a story book “Kahlan” and wishes his daughter will grow up to be such capable lady. =) The mother, kind of likes the meaning – strong leader, but thinks the names sounds like ‘kailan’ coz her friends sms and replied her..  “why not, Cai xin?” hoohooo…

The father may wanna change the spelling coz Kahlan does not really sounds nice in dialect .. and concern daddy does not wanna her daughter is being laughed and mocked by her classmates in future. I also told him surely many pple dunno how to pronounce this name in the beginning… he is thinking of changing the spelling maybe “Kaylen”, “Kayleen”, “Kaylene”…  Meaning may differs then.. well.. as long as parents love the name… =)

In the meanwhile, they can look up to this for reference

Beautiful niece =D

niece big eyes girl 

For being an older brother, Alden (almost 2 years older than his little sister) is protective of his little sister. Alden means protector.. Hopefully he will be protector of his sister too =) As being promoted to a big brother, I bought him a Spiderman culinary Set.. Happy him can be seen playing the ‘masak masak’ (cooking)… hehee =)

juskawaime and little girl… (1st pic)  Alden playing with his culinary set =) (2nd pic)

me and niece Alden 

Happy girls

happy girls



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