Daddy’s Prezzie

16 05 2008

16th May 2008

Met up with paper cutting master – Deng Jian Hui during Chinese New Year (CNY) 2008 bazaar… He was from China.. was very good with cutting the paper figurine… professional and fast…

Did one family portrait for my daddy’s bd prezzie..  Had it passed to my dad in Sydney via a friend.. Yes.. it is my daddy’s birthday today!! =)

Happy Birthday Daddy!! *muack*

A paper cutting portrait of our whole family – Daddy, Mummy,juskawaime,3 brothers& 2 sis-in-laws

A quote from bible:


                                                                                                 –  诗篇 23 章 6 节

Also done paper cutting portraits for my brothers and sis-in-laws

My 2nd bro & sis-in-law – 志豪 和 洁庭

My 3rd bro & sis-in-law – 志勇 和 慧丽

Also did paper cutting for myself… this was given free..

I shall always practice what is written:

常常喜乐 (Rejoice)

不住的祷告 (Unceasingly pray always)

凡是谢恩 (In everything, give thanks)




2 responses

19 05 2008

wow, these paper cuttings are so cute!

20 05 2008

Yes! Loving them..
You can select/personalize the face of the paper figurine u want! =)

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