3 06 2008

Many people wanted to become food blogger.. but it is definitely not that easy… and kudos to those who has make much success in their food blog.  One of them is ieat-ishoot-ipost


The ieatishootipost blog (used to be now it is re-directed to is filled with many foodie of different kinds. If you like a particular food, you will be pleased to know that the post entries are categories into various labels for easy finding, for example, Japanese/KoreanDim Sum, Roti PrataMalay/Indonesian Cuisine, Satay, Chicken Rice, Cze CharVegetarian, etc …

Or go for feature like “Open 24 Hours“, “Looking for good food after 10pm“, “Geylang Food“, “Healthier stuffs“…etc If you are new to this blog, can refer to “The Really Must Try List“. Recently he has also setup a Forum on top of his current food blog, go check it up if you have not.

So far, I have only go for one of his recommendation for fren’s bd as I was looking for good Vegetarian place and was clueless.. Hopefully I will have more time and opportunity to check out and try out some other of his recommendations.

Channel U ran a report on ieatishotipost (Singapore’s food bloger Dr Leslie Tay) in May 2008 on how blogging is changing the way eateries become popular.

View the story here in youtube.

Here’s the translation of the Video provided by jems based on the transcript extracted from his blog.

Some bloggers like to make use of their online blogs to introduce food they love to eat. There’s this particular blogger who sets out to eat all the local hawker food and blog it on his blog as a food directory for netizens.

Dr Leslie Tay loves food and also loves photography. He combined these two interests one and a half years ago, started an online food blog, going around Singapore tasting hawker food, took pictures and uploaded them onto his blog, added his critic, categorized them into various categories for easy lookup for the netizens, averaging a hit rate of 8000 a day.

Some hawkers even voluntarily requested for Dr Tay to blog about them, hoping that it will help to boost their business. Dr Tay said, ” Some said it does not affect much. It’s very hard to say, but for most of the unique ones, I give full marks, or rather not full marks, but 4.75, most of them will see a significant improvement in business.”

There’s a stall situated at Geylang which is famous for its Crab Beehoon and Lobster Noodles, after Dr Tay’s introduction saw an increase in business by 50%. There are even Indonesian netizens who after reading the blog, specially flew into town to try his food. Ya Kwang Da Pai Dang’s boss Jason Tan said, “When they were here, they were carrying luggage, to come and eat my Lobster Noodles, I just find it very amusing, Dr Tay’s blog can evoke foreigners to come try my stuffs.”

Other than introducing good food, Dr Tay also from time to time suggests to the hawkers how to improvise and create new dishes, for example this Lobster Tang Hoon. Netizens also discuss in his forum how never to waste calories on yucky food.