Tax bills?

24 06 2008

For those Singaporean or Singapore PR or expats working in Singapore.. Have you gotten your tax bills??

I am surprised that I have not gotten my tax bills yet.. I should have gotten it by end of May last year .. if I remember correctly.. I thought mine should be quite fast to clear coz I do not have many reliefs to claim …like parents’ relief, NS relief, maids relief, kids’ relief….. I am just a not-married Singapore citizen with no maid, no kids, no hubby…..  Sometimes I am glad my tax is easy coz I am free with all those stuffs… I think I can go crazy with all those complicated tax matters…

Then I got worried… imagining…. that maybe I filled my tax form wrongly?? Coz this year I claimed for course relief….. Or maybe I am not eligible for course relief !?!? Later they accused me of filling the form wrongly?? Or maybe my tax bills was lost along the way (it does not reach to me..). And without me knowing, then maybe later ‘kena’ (slapped) 5% penalty for not paying my tax bills!! The list went on….. Yeah I got wild imagination sometimes… =p worry too much!!

So I checked with my colleagues today.. Some of my colleagues have gotten, some have not… but fret not…. it is normal..  And i double confirmed it by accessing the goverment site.  But if you do not received your tax bills by September 2008 this year, then maybe you should worry. So I will just wait for a little more time..

Below is what i extract from the IRAS website:

Home > Individuals (For locals) > After filing tax >

When will I get my tax bill?

We process all tax forms in batches. Some taxpayers may receive their tax bills (Notice of Assessment) earlier than others. Generally, most taxpayers should receive their Notice of Assessment by September.

Check if IRAS processed my tax form

You may call our 24-hour Integrated Phone Service to check if IRAS processed your tax form. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Call 1800-356 8300 (or +65-6356 8300 if you are overseas).
  2. Press 1 for English or 2 for Mandarin.
  3. Press 3 for return status and assessment matters.
  4. Press 2 for assessment status.
  5. Follow instructions given.



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