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25 06 2008

23rd June 2008

Our department’s secretary, Jesline, was revamping our noticeboard today … Our self-fotos (mini-self-portrait) was initially placed at other level, where big boss is, together with other biz groups’ R&D engineers… Dunno why the transfer now … perhaps the R&D departments are growing thus they need to make way for other departments so it was natural enough that our own department took back the list of our own self-fotos.. since we had a level of our own…. I was not complaning.. In fact I was enjoying looking at my colleagues’ old self-fotos.. including mine.. =) =p


Realized the much changes of my colleagues … the then and now images … hahaa  Many also commented that I looked so much different in my self-foto… huuaahhhaaa… That shot was taken after a foto studio of my graduation shot with my parents… I remembered that make-up… yeah it had been a looooong time… *memories memories*

In an attempt to ‘upgrade’ my self-foto, i picked up 3 of my fotos.. of different hairstyles (Rebonded, curly, short) in my stay here…


How much I have fatten changed throughout these years?!?! Unbelieveable!!

Pic 1: long rebonding hair (at least 4-5years ago)

long rebonding hair

Pic 2: Long Curly hair (about 2 years ago)

long curly hair

Pic 3: Short rebonded hair (now)

short rebonded hair

When I told my girls abt this … this ‘stupid’ Lao Da remarked: “Muahahahaha, I can’t help but notice that your hair grew shorter w each photo but they are all used to cover the excess bulges on your cheeks ; p

WHAT!!!! @#$%^*(*&^%$#$*&^%$#$%*(*&^%$#$%^

But then…. Think I must really do something… yeah right!! =p

So which kind of hairstyle will u like??? Or think suitable for me?? What is your favourite??

deep-sixed asked me what is my favourite hairstyle??


I like all……… curly looks is nice & girlish.. a bit different from usual rebonding…

I like the fact i can tied up my hair without worrying there is a line mark on my hair (a problem with rebonding.. and the overgrown natural hair…. *shake head*)

but the taking care and the aftermaths after 1yrs… like messy hair, dry hair, ‘hard hair’ (coz i need to use hair stuffs to make it curly, since it is not so curly anymore) … is horrendous..

Short hair is good.. light, refreshing.. except the fringe tends to be long often (need haircut often), and when it is oily and stuffy, they look yucky.. so they look like shit if i have a long day… -__-“” I thought by cutting the fringe shorter will be better (no need haircut so often).. but now it also like a ‘bai chi’ …  *roll eyes* … hahaa =p

So what do you think??

Well eventually i choose pic 3 for the new self-portrait.. It is me now..  my boss & few colleagues agreed with me.. Some of the colleagues are ‘upgrading’ their self-foto too… but I prefer to choose fotos from my selection than to take pic now in office… Wiser choice as I looked ‘pale’ & bloated & ‘salah’ with no make-up, plus I have this fringe that looked like it was bitten by kungfu panda!! *GeeEee* -__-“” =p




2 responses

26 06 2008

Gw suka curly hair ke, elo bagusan curly deh kayanya. So… pic no 2!!!!

26 06 2008

Curly is pretty =)
my friend – deep-sixed – also think curly suits me .. hehee =)

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