Kaelin and YanJi

6 07 2008

I adore babies..

Who don’t when they are sooo cute?!?!

Presenting… YanJi!
YanJi is now 6mths, 10kg!! *wohoo*
A very energetic and chubby boy… And his eyes is HUGE! His pupil is black and big! =)
Legally YanJi is my cousin .. long long distance cousin..


YanJi’s daddy is my cousin Siuping’s hubby (TzeChean)’s youngest uncle
Ok I try again…
YanJi’s daddy is TzeChean’s youngest uncle..
And TzeChean is my cousin, Siuping aka Chandra,’s hubby..

So u see.. it is kind of ‘complicated’..? Not really…
He is just my cousin, in simpler term..

YanJi & mummy & daddy

YanJi & mummy & daddy

My 3rd time seeing my adorable niece Kaelin..  first time when she was one week’s old, 2nd time is when she was celebrating her one mth’s birthday… today she is already 2 mths, 5.5kg


Siuping’s ‘s pregnancy leave is finishing this week, she is going to work next week.. Both seen here at OG Orchard. YanJi’s parents are looking for the ‘animal farm’ softbook which I bought for Kaelin on her one mth’s birthday… But seems not much luck… Maybe the one I bought is the last book!! How lucky Alden & Kaelin! =) Oh.. Donny and I bought 2 softbooks for Kaelin, but I guess in the meanwhile, her brother Alden will be playing on her behalf first..
Siuping & Kaelin

Siuping & Kaelin

 Just for fun… add cliparts into Kaelin’s foto using my hp.. haha .. this is fun! =p

Zorro girl - Kaelin

Zorro girl - Kaelin



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