one down, 4 to go

6 07 2008

I finally finished my 5000 words assignment for my graduation project yesterday…..

very last minutes preparation..

exhausted after 1 week of rushing…

Last 5 days: 100 words

Last 4 days: 100 words

Last 3 days: 1600 words

Last 2nd day (Fri 4th July) midnight: 3300 words

Last day (Sat 5th July):

1am: 3300 words

2am: 3500 words

5am: 4500 words

9am: 4959 words

10am: printed out the assignment and went school to submit..


July is a shack week..

1st week: graduation project’s 5000 words assigment

2nd week: PR Module’s 3000 words assignment

3rd week: PR Module’s group ppt presentation

4th week: Graduation project’s ppt presentation

5th Aug: PR module exam

*Yoosshh* rest a while.. then have to start on my next assignment (3000 words) due on 9th July




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