Palladine DVD player

6 07 2008

5th July 2008

My Samsung DVD has spoilt (after serving me for abt 5 years). I bought it at Mustafa then, together with my JVC television (which is still working well till now – *good*) Later on, I overtook my housemate Daniel’s Akira DVD player since he has moved to Kuala Lumpur.. But after several wks, it has died on me!! Basically whatever discs I played, it always give me “BAD DISC” error.. A different problem with my Samsung DVD player which totally cannot eject… Later I sold my 3 DVD spoilt players (found another one within the house – ownership unknown) to the Karang Guni for $13/- Not so bad ..

So that means that I need to buy a new DVD player! Well I could have use my computer to watch the DVD.. but I really prefer to play the DVD on my TV… so I tell myself.. I shall buy one after my exam..

But since we are in Plaza Singapura, I went to check out Best Denki and Carrefour..  Best Denki’s cheapest one is $79 Panasonic/Phillips… and later found this in Carrefour..  Giant is selling for $35 for Akira DVD player (my housemate Erven bought it .. but I remembered the price wrongly, I thought Giant is selling for $49.90)..

DVD player on sale
DVD player on sale

There are 2 models of Akira’s DVD players .. One kind is the older model which Daniel’s using, the other model is the one that Erven has bought recently… I was initially pondering which model to get.. thus asking the sale assistant which is of newer model … But eventually the sale assistant convinced me to get the local brand Palladine… Bought it for $49.90

Palladine DVD Player
Yeaahh I know what you are thinking… coz I also told the sale assistant… wahh.. what is this brand? Never heard before… good or not…. He said something which I found very true.. “Akira is more well-known coz it is famous for its low cost.. and plus it sells practically many kinds of electrical equipments nowadays.. thus of coz u feel that Akira is ‘famous’ and better…”
Later I was bought over by the colour (it is RED!! Yeah superficial brainless me!!) and also it has this USB sticks that can used to view pic or listen to songs from TV… coolz  So since Akira already died one me before and since the price difference is not high, I decided to give Palladine a try!
My new Palladine DVD player

My new Palladine DVD player

Look pretty (red), coolz (blue) and classy (shape) … Not bad!!! Not bad for a  start!! =)
The PDV 8000 version is $88, for high definition. The shape wise looks like Wii or modem shape.. Sleek, classy.. and red too!! Really thanx the sale assistant for his help and advice.. Great customer service! =) Unlike the sales person in Best Denki … *Boo* He can talk to me and then walked away….. Rude!! *roll eyes* Talk in a manner like “aihyoo.. u dun want Sony, then buy panasonic, dun want, then get phillips….”, treating customers’ qs with no concern or interest..
I really feel customer service is very impt… companies should really equip their employees with good knowledge of products,  good attitude, sincerety, smile…… With such, customer will still keep on coming back….



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